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Alternative Textbook/Handout Format

Alternative formats for textbooks or handouts can be made available from Disability Services to students who submit appropriate supporting documentation.

Once you've been approved for the Alternative Format accommodation, you should identify the textbooks/course materials that will be needed for each course.

Submit your request through Accommodate with the textbook information and the type of alternative format requested. Login to the Accommodate system by first selecting student, and then logging in with your Salem State credentials. On the homepage, select the Accommodation link from the menu on the left side of the page. Select Alternative Format from the bottom of the list. (If you do not have the Alternative Format option, that means you do not have that accommodation active for the current semester. Please submit a Semester Request (under the same Accommodation menu) or reach out to us at to get that updated for the current semester).

Follow the instructions on the page, either selecting an ‘Official Text’ if the text you are requesting is already entered, or more likely selecting the ‘Student Entered’ Tab at the top.

If your text is not listed there, please select ‘Submit New Alternative Format Request’. You will need to submit this form for each book you are requesting (the ‘request additional alternative format’ button has to do with the format – PDF, Word doc, etc. you want, not adding an additional book!) Fill out as much of the form as you are able, most importantly the required fields. There will be a spot to upload some kind of proof of possession for your books; that could be a copy of your receipt or a picture of the book. Sign (type) your name at the bottom and submit the request. Again, this process will need to be repeated for each book you are requesting!

Disability Services will contact the publishers about the availability of the books in alternative formats. These formats are becoming common options; however, not all titles are easily available and may take time to produce. Disability Services will keep you informed on the status of your request.

If Disability Services is unable to find an alternative format through the publisher and other alternative format resources, Disability Services will produce the alternative text.

Disability Services has a color CCTV, as well as a scanner that can be used to save reading materials to disk for use with the appropriate assistive technology, such as a screen reader and/or print enlarging software. All adaptive equipment is available for student use in Disability Services by appointment. Walk-ins can use equipment based on availability.

If you request assistance from Disability Services staff in scanning reading materials, you are responsible for the delivery and pickup of all reading materials. Please do not rely on your professors or Disability Services staff to make this arrangement. If you would like Disability Services staff assistance with scanning, you'll need to make an appointment.

Do You Need More Help?

Disability Services
Walk-In Service: Frederick E. Berry Library and Learning Commons, room G20