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Campus Shuttle Bus Information

The Viking Shuttle offers free transportation around Salem State campuses on weekdays.

Looking for the student shuttle? The student-run shuttle provides transportation between campuses, downtown and to Market Basket on evenings and weekends.

Find the Shuttle

You can monitor the location of the shuttle buses here. The locations of the buses and the approximate arrival times will be displayed on the map in real-time. 

Use the shuttle frequently? Download the Vikings Shuttle app from the App Store or Google Play

Shuttle Schedule

The shuttle operates Monday-Friday from 7:15 am to 4 pm.

Buses will arrive at each stop in approximately 20-minute intervals. Both buses will stop at all locations to discharge and pick up passengers. 

The two shuttles start at 7:15 am. Shuttle #1 starts at Central Campus. Shuttle #2 starts at Peabody Hall. They will continue in a loop in the order below.

Shuttle Stops

  1. Central Campus - bus shelter located between Viking Hall and the Enterprise Center.
  2. Horace Mann - bus shelter located on Loring Avenue in front of the Horace Mann building.
  3. Meier Hall - bus stop in front of Meier Hall, Lafayette Street entrance.
  4. Peabody Hall - bus stop in front of Peabody Hall.
  5. School of Social Work - bus stop in front of the building at 287 Lafayette Street.
  6. O’Keefe Center - bus stop in front of the Gassett Fitness Center entrance; near the Viking statue.
  7. Canal Street Parking Lot - bus stop located in the parking lot on the bike path side.
  8. South Campus - bus stop located in front of the Harrington Building.


  • If you are leaving Central Campus and need to get to South Campus, then it is best to walk across Loring Avenue and get on the bus at the Canal Street Lot. The next stop will be South Campus. 
  • If you are leaving North Campus (Meier Hall or Sullivan Building) and going back to Central Campus you should get on the bus at Meier Hall or Horace Mann and get off at the Canal Street Lot. Walk across Loring Avenue to Central Campus.

Under normal circumstances and throughout most of the day the buses will arrive at each stop in 20-minute intervals.  These intervals will be slightly longer in the middle of the day as each driver must take a meal break which leaves only one bus operating for a 30-minute period.  Bus arrival times may occasionally be more spaced out during peak traffic or inclement weather. 


Do You Need More Help?

University Police Parking Office