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Off-Campus Student Employment

Applying for an Off-Campus Job

Please sign-in to Navigator to view part-time off-campus job opportunities for enrolled students. Once signed in, click on the “Off-Campus Student Employment” link under the Student Employment section of the Full Menu.

What You Need to Know About Off-Campus Employment

Off-campus part-time job opportunities (Job Location and Development program) are available for currently enrolled Salem State students regardless of financial need.

JLD gives you the opportunity to support yourself, help with your educational expenses and gain valuable experience in today's workplace.

Many JLD positions give you the opportunity to improve the quality of life for community residents, particularly low-income individuals, via jobs in health care, literacy training, education (including tutoring), housing, and neighborhood improvement, rural development, and community disabilities.

Off-campus jobs include a large variety of positions including fields in health care, human services, office support, hotel/restaurant, construction, and retail.

Posting an Off-Campus Position

If you are an off-campus employer and wish to participate in the JLD program, please fill out our employer form.