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On-Campus Student Requirements

Welcome back, Vikings! We're working together to help stop the spread of COVID-19 as students move back into residence halls and resume some on-campus courses. The following steps are required for all students coming to campus.

Health and Safety Requirements

Comply with all of the COVID-19 prevention requirements and public health guidance during move-in and any time you are on campus.

Health and Safety Canvas Module

Students must complete the health and safety Canvas module before move-in or starting in-person class, on campus employment or off-campus clinical or educational placement.

You will be asked to present completion validation at move-in or at first in person class by taking a screen shot of their quiz result. Make sure this is on your phone!

Returning from Out of State

Students returning from out of state travel (with the exception of the low risk states such as CT, HI, ME, NH, NJ, NY, and VT) they will be required to submit proof of compliance with the Travel Order to counseling and health services.

Use the CoVerified App Daily

Students who will be on campus in the fall will need to download the CoVerified app, and self-monitor their health every day. Students should start using the app and monitoring their health before move-in or before their first on-campus class.

Immunizations, Including a Flu Shot

All residential and full-time students need to be in compliance with the immunization requirements. New and transfer students must submit their immunizations prior to moving on campus. All on-campus students are also required to receive a flu shot as soon as possible. Check the calendar for upcoming free flu shot clinics.

Move-in Testing for Residential Students

All residential students will have to stop at our health and safety check-in before moving into their residence hall on move-in day and will be given a self-swab PCR COVID test. This is a requirement for residential students. Results will be received within 48 hours.