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Canvas eLearning

What is it?

Canvas is a course management system that supports online learning and teaching. Courses of related documentation allow the user, upon reviewing all the content, to finish with some sort of expertise.  Additionally, Canvas can be used to share content, information, documents, or other resources publicly, privately, or both. 

Who can see Canvas?

Privacy settings are specific to the course. The administrator can decide who has access to the course. In its most available form, everyone can have access to it.

Primary audience:

Faculty and current students

Secondary audience:

Staff who need training or professional development or departments who need an internal collaboration space.

Departments that need a public-facing location for information or resources.


  • Content contributors can create comprehensive resources.
  • Content contributors can group together related information so that it is not spread out across various platforms or throughout various sections of a site.
  • End users are able to gain the valuable expertise they need by accessing one course of comprehensive materials.

 Example of content:

  • Faculty set up their courses by making materials relevant to their class available to specific students.
  • Faculty are able to collaborate with their students through messaging, discussions and groups.
  • Departments can create private spaces in Canvas to collaborate internally and share materials privately.
  • Departments can create public spaces in Canvas to share information publicly.
  • Administrators are able to group bundles of related materials for specific audiences like orientation or writing placement requirements.

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