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Clearing Cache (Temporary Internet Files) from Browser


Clearing cookies or cache can speed your internet searches.

Frequently Asked Question

Clearing Cache (Temporary Internet Files) from Browser


To clear the browser cache open a browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Chrome) and then press the following keycap sequence:

'Ctrl' + 'Shift' + 'Delete' (Windows PC) or 'Command' + 'Shift' + 'Delete' (Mac).


Cache or Temporary internet files often slow down the browser and may cause some programs to run extremely slow or simply not work.

Frequently clearing the cache or deleting temporary internet files will usually fix the issue and also improve browser speed.


The following links provide the latest steps. If these do not work, click Help in the browser and type "cache" (Browser updates sometimes change the process). 



Internet Explorer



Be careful when using keyboard shortcuts to launch programs or shortcuts.  In particular be careful not to press 'Ctrl-Alt-Del' for Windows


Try clearing the browser cache:

If having trouble accessing the library databases off campus 

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