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Connecting my TV in my dorm room! Here are some helpful tips.

Do I need a cable box in my residence hall room to watch TV? 

No. With College Cable Services, you can connect your TV or another device directly to the wall TV (coaxial) port.

Will my TV work with the SSU TV connection? 

If your TV was manufactured after 2008 it *should* work. The TV must have a "QAM compliant tuner" in it.  If you are not sure, googling your TV model number and the acronym "QAM" will usually help you find the answer. Some low-end TVs (mostly ones with resolutions of 720p) do not support QAM stations.

If my TV does not support QAM, can I still use it? 

Yes, but you will need an external QAM tuner similar to the cable box you may use at home. These QAM tuner boxes are available at many retailers as well as Amazon. Mediasonic, ViewTV, and KWorld are the most common brands. If you need to purchase a tuner for your TV, make sure it says "QAM" in its specifications. 

How can I scan to connect my TV?

When scanning to set up a TV on the Salem State television access, use either Cable or Digital (no antenna).

Can I use a DVR in my room? 

At the present time, our TV system does not support commercial DVR services such as TiVO. There are software DVR services, such as the now-discontinued Windows Media Center from Microsoft, that will work. Also, there are tuner boxes available from Mediasonic, ViewTV, KWorld, and others that support recording to USB drives in a "VCR-type" style -- that is, you have to set the start/end times as well as the channel. In order for a TV tuner or computer to have the ability to use our TV system, it must support "clear QAM".  This will be stated in the specifications. If it doesn't say "clear QAM" or "clear QAM tuner" it will not work.

Is there a channel guide?

The best way to get a channel guide is online. View a channel guide here.

On the left of the page, toward the top, click "Change Provider or Time Zone"

Enter "01970" for the zip code

Select "Salem State University - Cable - Salem"

If cookies are allowed to be set in your browser, subsequent visits will have this information selected.

Who do I contact if I have a problem using SSUTV? 

First, check with your neighbors. If they aren't experiencing problems and you believe your TV is working properly, you can submit a ticket to the ITS Help Desk.

You can also send a tweet or dm to @SSU_Networking or use the hashtag #SSUTV to ask questions. As we can, we publish answers to the most common questions as well as provide other SSU TV-related information on SSU TV Channel 3.2.

When contacting ITS, please have the manufacturer and model of your TV available.

Do I need to do anything for my TV to work on the new system? 

Yes. Connect your TV to the TV wall jack with a coaxial cable, then go in to the settings for your TV and tell it to Scan for New Channels. If your TV scans for both analog and digital channels, don't be alarmed if it takes a long time and finds nothing in the analog channels. All of our channels are digital. When completed, the scan should have found approximately 100 channels.

I don't see all of the channels in my room. What's wrong?

There are several possibilities: If your TV, as well as your neighbors', are not getting any channels, there could be a problem in your building, possibly due to a power outage. We have equipment in each building that provides the TV signal. If other TV's are working, but not yours, be sure you have scanned for digital channels. If the weather is very bad outside, some channels may be temporarily lost. Our system gets channels from many sources - several satellite providers as well as over the air. Each is impacted differently by inclement weather. It is possible that you'll receive some channels perfectly, while others don't work at all. The bulk of our channels are provided over a satellite system. Those satellites are not directly overhead, but in the Southwest. Once the bad weather passes in that area, your channels will return.

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