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CoVerified User Guide

Salem State University is using CoVerified, a platform built to help colleges and universities get safely back to campus.

A Guide to CoVerified for students and staff for symptom reporting, vaccine and test results uploads, appointment scheduling, entering remote status, and more!

Downloading the app

The app is available for direct download through the App Store for iOS or Google Play.

Salem State University does not recommend that Android users change their security settings to allow for direct download of the app from the CoVerified website.

Android users may experience difficulty using the CoVerified app. CoVerified is aware of this issue and is working on a solution with the developers at Google.

In the meantime, Android users can take advantage of the web browser on their phone (such as Safari) to log in to their CoVerified account.

Logging into the app

Initial Login:

  • Students, faculty and staff must use Salem State credentials to log in to the app, using your email first and matching password (ex. You DO NOT need to create an account through CoVerified.
  • Accept the Terms and Privacy Policy.
  • Choose whether or not you will be on campus soon.

  • You cannot reset your password on CoVerified, as it is SSO login and must use your credentials. If you need assistance with accessing your account or are having problems, please call health services COVID support at 978-542-3240. 

You can also log in on the CoVerified web portal.

Home Screen

  • If at any time you want to return to the home screen, select the home button on the bottom left of the menu bar.
  • You can upload a photograph of yourself to your homepage.

Clearance Badge

Determine if you are Clear or Restricted from campus when logging into the app. The timestamp under the colored badge indicates when the last status check occurred. This ensures that everyone knows your status is current.

Status criteria for determining Cleared or Restricted may include symptom reporting, completing a quarantine or getting tested regularly. Please visit Covid-19 Testing for more information.

Select the round "i" next to "RESTRICTED" or "CLEARED" to learn more about your current status. 

You could be restricted for the following reasons:

  • You did not complete your daily symptom report within the past 24 hours. Please complete your daily symptom report.
  • You reported positive symptoms. You will be restricted for 24 hours.
  • You did not receive negative test results within the past 7 days. Please schedule an appointment for testing as soon as possible. Note, you will remain restricted until you receive negative results.
  • You are not compliant with your COVID vaccine requirement. Please submit this documentation as soon as possible on your health services portal.
  • You've tested positive for COVID. You will remain restricted for 10 days while you are infectious to others and should be isolating.

Report Symptoms

  • You will be prompted to report symptoms at a frequency of every 24 hours.
  • To report a problem or ask a question, select the "+" icon from the center of the menu bar, then select "Report Symptoms"
  • Choose any new symptoms that may apply, or none at all.
  • If you report any symptoms listed, you will be RESTRICTED for 24 hours. You should self-isolate and not attend any in-person activities, classes, or jobs. Please consult with health services to further discuss your symptoms and testing options at 978.542.6413 (students) and staff should contact human resources, Ezekiel Holt at 978.542.7229.

Info Menu and Support

  • Access customized information by selecting the "Info" menu icon.
  • To report a problem or ask a question, select "App support" and designate whether the problem is related to a technical issue or campus policy.


  • Alerts can be found by clicking the bell icon in the top right corner of the home page.
  • All alerts can be deleted by clicking "clear all" on the bottom of the alerts page. App notifications will remain in alerts until deleted. 
  • A single alert can be deleted by clicking the trash icon on the top right of the alert.


Schedule a Test

  • You can schedule COVID-19 PCR tests on campus by selecting the "Testing" menu icon.
  • To schedule a test, select the "+" at the top right corner of the screen.
  • After a testing location, date and time is chosen, click "Submit" to confirm and schedule the test.
  • Upcoming tests will show up on the "Testing" page.
  • Once you get tested, select "I attended" for the test slot you attended.
  • If you are unable to attend your appointment, select "Cancel/ Missed" for the test slot you cannot attend.

View Test Results

  • You can view your COVID-19 PCR test result history by selecting the "Testing" icon at the bottom of the app screen. To view your prior test history, select "Records" on the bottom menu bar.
  • Choose the date of the test result that you want to view. You can also download a pdf copy of your results from this screen.

Reporting off-campus COVID test results

  • Results from tests completed at Salem State University DO NOT need to be reported by users.
  • To meet any campus testing requirements, please complete testing on campus, if able.
  • If you are a commuter student and unable to access on-campus testing, please upload your PCR results to CoVerified to maintain a CLEARED badge. Please note, PCR, Molecular, or NAAT COVID test results accepted only, rapid antigen tests are not accepted to meet routine, surveillance testing requirements. 
  • To upload off-campus test results, click on the "+" icon on the  bottom of the menu bar and select "Upload Test Result" 
  • Choose the type of PCR test completed. Enter the date the test was performed, testing facility name and result of the test, then upload a file of the test result or take a photo. Please make sure your image is legible and includes your identifying information such as name and date of birth, the type of test completed, and your results. If it does not include this information, it will be rejected and you will be notified within the CoVerified app. 
  • Health services will review your test result via the file that you upload, so please make sure the information that you enter is accurate and legible. Please note, it can take up to 1 business day to complete this review. 
  • Your test result may not be accepted for the following reasons:
    • antigen test, not a PCR test
    • no identifying information on result such as name and date of birth
    • illegible
    • results not on report
    • results appear altered

Please visit Covid-19 Testing for more information.

Students, please contact health services with any further questions, 978.542.6413 or via your health portal.

Faculty and staff, please contact human resources.

Upload Vaccination Records

  • Students should upload their COVID vaccination records (dates of all vaccines and images of the documentation) to their student health portal. Students may also upload their vaccine documentation to CoVerified.
  • Please note, that you will see a date from health services in CoVerified that reflects the date that you met the COVID vaccine requirement. This will not match your vaccination dates. We are aware this is confusing, and are working towards a better solution. However, this should not cause any unnecessary restrictions or problems.
  • Students should reach out to health services with any questions about the COVID vaccine requirement and submission. 
  • Faculty and staff should upload their COVID vaccine documentation to their CoVerified app. Please note, you must upload both of your vaccination dates (if you have a 2-dose series) and attach an image of your documentation. 
  • Faculty and staff with questions about their COVID vaccine requirement or uploading this documentation to CoVerified should contact Ezekiel Holt at 978.542.7229 in human resources.
  • To complete the upload of your vaccination records to CoVerified:
    • Select the "+" icon on the  bottom of the menu bar and select "Upload Vaccine Record" 
    • Select your vaccination type, the date the vaccine was administered, and the location that your vaccine was given. 
    • Attach an image of your documentation. 
    • Please complete this "upload vaccine record" twice, so that both of your vaccine dates are documented in CoVerified, if you've received a 2-dose COVID vaccine series, such as Moderna or Pfizer.
    • Select confirm on the bottom to submit this documentation. 
    • Please also upload any booster doses you may have received as well. 
    • Please note that these records are reviewed by health services (for students) and human resources (for staff) and can take 1-2 business days to review. 

Remote Status

If you will not be on campus in the next 7 days, please change your status in CoVerified to Remote in the app, to turn off reminders and requirements for symptom reporting and testing.

  • To go Remote, select the " INFO " icon on the bottom right of the menu bar and select "Go Remote"
  • In order to return to campus, select "Return to campus" on the home screen and proceed through the prompts.
  • Remote students and employees are encouraged to upload their COVID vaccine documentation, regardless of their remote status. Students can also submit a remote status attestation on their student health portal if they are unvaccinated to be in compliance. You can upload this documentation while you are in remote status. 
  • If you are unvaccinated and planning to return to campus, please note that unvaccinated students must have a negative test result in CoVerified every 7 days to obtain a "CLEARED" badge.

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