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Create an Event in Calendar in Office 365


Create an Event or Meeting, add a room and invite people, use Scheduling assistant and more


Step 1 Open Calendar

Select New from menu bar at the top of the calendar page.

 Calendar Open

Step 2 Add an Event Title

Add a Title for the event in the field below Details.

 Calendar Add Event

Step 3 Add a location or room

Begin to type location details in the Add a location or a room field.  Rooms will begin to populate for selection. Select a location or room from the list OR continue to type location details and hit Enter when finished.

Calendar Add Location or Room

Step 4 Add Start/End dates and times.

  • Add a start date
  • Add a start time
  • Add an end date
  • Add an end time


  • Select the All-day box for all day events

For private appointments, select the Private box.


Calendar Start and End dates

Step 5 Add People

Begin typing first name to add attendees. Be sure to select the correct attendee name from the list or manually add the email address.

Calendar add people

Step 6 Check availability – quick glance

A list of added people and rooms will display. Under the name or location name, availability will display as Free or Busy.

Calendar check availability

Step 6 cont. Check availability using Scheduling assistant.

You will have a quick view of the availability of selected people and rooms. Additionally, a mini calendar will display for that selected date and time.

There are additional viewing options with the Scheduling assistant.

Select the Scheduling assistant link for more options.  

Calndar availability scheduling assistant

Step 6 cont. Check availability using Scheduling assistant.

Use the Scheduling assistant to change dates and times to display availability of selected people and rooms.  You can change the dates and times to check for more open times to schedule the event. 

Using the Scheduling assistant is a great way to avoid double booking attendees for meetings and allows for better planning. Keep in mind the time “in between” meetings, taking into consideration locations and travel time between scheduled events. 

Calendar Availabilty Scheduling Assistant cont.

Step 7 – Review and Send

Before you select the Send button, REVIEW the calendar event for accuracy.

  • Review the title
  • Verify the location is correct
  • Verify the date/time is correct
  • Verify the attendee list
  • Verify attachments and reminders are correct
  • Verify details are correct

Select Send once details are verified. 

Calendar review and send

More Options:

Add an email reminder (optional)

Select the Add an email reminder link below the reminder options.


Calendar reminder

  • Select a Time line or email reminder
  • Select reminder to Me or All attendees
  • Include a reminder message to send.
  • Select Close to save or Discard to delete.


 Calender email reminder options

Once the add email reminder is saved, a reminder will display under date and time.

To edit, select the Edit button or to remove

Then select the Delete button.


Calendar reminder edit and delete

Attach a file

  • Select the Attach icon from the top menu bar.
  • Locate file from file location.
  • Attach as a copy or Attach as a OneDrive file (sharing and editing options available)


calendar attach file

A file icon will display the attachment. Verify it is the correct document and correct editing permissions before sending (select the arrow to change permissions of the file).

calendar verify attach file

Add a charm

To Add a charm, select the Charm arrow on the menu bar and choose a charm.


Select None to remove a charm.


calendar charm

Add a category

To Add a category, select the Category arrow from the menu bar to display existing categories.

Select the Category from the list.

Category for now displays on the calendar event above the message box and below any attachments or reminders as illustrated.

 Calendar categories