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Disability-Related Rights and Responsibilities for Faculty

A faculty member has the right to:

  • Receive written notice of the student's accommodation.
  • Determine course content and general methods of teaching.
  • Make informed decisions about how best to adapt teaching and assessment methods to accommodate all students.
  • Ensure that the standards in their course are not lowered or compromised.
  • Ensure that a student has demonstrated mastery of the fundamental requirements of their course in order to obtain an appropriate grade.
  • Fail any student if he/she does not demonstrate mastery of fundamental course requirements.
  • Question a specific accommodation request if it is either inappropriate for their course, or if the nature of the request would alter the essential requirements of a course.
  • Determine through consultation with knowledgeable professionals the most appropriate ways to adapt their course to the needs of a particular student.
  • Be treated respectfully by all students in their class.

A faculty member is responsible to:

  • Provide only the approved accommodations.
  • Consult Disability Services before providing any non-approved accommodations.
  • Know which of their students are registered with Disability Services.
  • Arrange extended time to take a test if a student requires that accommodation. The arrangement can either be made through the faculty member to coordinate the extra time as prescribed, or the Disability Services office can be asked for assistance in administering the exam if, for example, a student requires the use of assistive technology to take the exam. If Disability Services is the chosen location, the [PDF 58 KB] must be completed for each test. We adhere to a three-workday notification policy in order to schedule our testing area.
  • Acknowledge that students who are registered with Disability Services have provided adequate and appropriate documentation of their disability from a registered healthcare professional. Accommodations are based on this documentation. Faculty need to respect students' confidentiality with regard to the specifics of their disability.
  • Signing the Acknowledgement of Class Accommodation form and any other appropriate forms.
  • Learning about Disability Services policies and procedures and cooperating with the coordination of services.
  • Understanding that some students with disabilities have academic or behavioral problems that are not related to their disability. Faculty are not obligated to treat such problems differently than they would any other student.
  • Include the following notice on all course syllabi: If you have a disability and feel you will need accommodations in order to complete course requirements, please contact Disability Services in the Frederick E. Berry Library and Learning Commons, room 20. 

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Disability Services
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