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Eduroam - Chromebook / Android


Connect to the eduroam wireless network at Salem State


 [BCB:1144:Password Change:ECB]



NOTE: Salem State participates in Eduroam. Guests from participating institutions can use Eduroam to connect to the Salem State campus wireless network using their college/university credentials.


Click on the settings bar (bottom right of screen)

Settings bar



Click on the Network drop-down tab



Click on "'eduroam"




Change the following settings:


EAP method: PEAP

Phase 2: MSCHAPv2

Server CA certificate: Do no check



Enter your SSU login information and the click "Connect"


CAUTION: If connecting to eduroam for the first time please include in your username/identity


If you need assistance please contact the ITS Helpdesk 978.542.2036


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