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Fall 2020 Classes Exempt from the Pass/No Pass Policy

Although the majority of undergraduate classes offered at Salem State during the fall 2020 semester may be taken on a Pass/No Pass basis, there are some courses that must be taken for a letter grade. Certain programs tied to external licensure, certification or accreditation may require students to take letter grades. All graduate courses will be graded normally.

The following list reflects courses where students must take letter grades during the fall 2020 semester. This list does not include specific information about support course requirements for majors that have minimum grade requirements for their support courses.  Students are encouraged to consult with their academic department for more information about their specific requirements.

List of undergraduate courses exempt from the Pass/No Pass Policy

Course Prefix Course Number Title
ATR 453 Athletic Training Practicum IV
ATR 479 Senior Seminar in Athletic Training
EDC  415 Teach Exceptional Learner
EDS 390 Introduction to Special Education 
EDS 410 Adaptive and Assistive Technology
EDS 420 Classroom Management and Positive Behavior Support
EDS 429 Accessing and Designing School Services 
EDS 491 Materials and Methods in Special Education
MUS 120 Fundamentals of Music
NUR 110 Introduction to Professional Nursing
NUR 320 Care of the Adult
NUR 321 Care of Women & Children
NUR 370 Principles of Pharmacology
NUR 409 Nursing Research
NUR 422 Advanced Concepts
NUR 425 Professional Role Concepts
NUR 464 Nursing Care of the Adult and Aging Population II
NUR 465 Pharmacology in Nursing Practice
NUR 210B Health Assessment
NUR 212B Fundamentals of Professional Nursing Practice
NUR 412B Mental Health
NUR 415B Public Health Nursing
NUR 420A Preparation for Professional Licensure
NUR 602H Honors Program: Nursing Research II: Research Practicum
SMS 174 Strength & Conditioning Techniques and Assessments
SWK 101 Introduction to the Profession of Social Work
SWK 102 Social Welfare Past and Present
SWK 200 Social Services Volunteer Practice
SWK 261 Human Behavior and the Social Environment I
SWK 270 Understanding Privilege, Oppression, and Cultural Competence
SWK 305 Introduction to Social Work Practice
SWK 361 Human Behavior and the Social Environment II
SWK 401 Practice with Individuals, Families, and Groups
SWK 406 Field Education Seminar I