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First-Year Summer Planning Calendar

Summer 2020 first-year summer planning calendar to support first-year (freshmen) remain organized as they prepare to begin classes in the fall.


Keep yourself on schedule as you prepare to start your first year at Salem State University! Please note some programs and requirements are for first-year students only (not transfer students). For program specific activities, transfers students should contact the orientation office or the first year experience office with specific questions.


  • Students are encouraged not to wait until the deadline to complete the task, the earlier you complete it, the better.
  • Many of these calendar items will assist you in completing the 1+2=Key Move In Policy.
  • Plan your summer now as online orientation, Viking Plunge, and Convocation Day are mandatory.
  • More information about calendar details can be found at or “Ask the Viking” by using the search bar at
  • All university business is managed through your Salem State email and Navigator account. It is important to check these accounts on a regular basis.

Contact Information
Contact us if you have questions about deadlines, recommendations or becoming a Viking:

FACEBOOK: Class of 2024 page



ORIENTATION: 978.542.7455


Important Dates and Deadlines for Fall 2020

May 31, 2020
Deadline to complete Writing Self-Placement if required

June 3, 2020
Begin gathering documentation to submit to disability services for any requested fall semester accommodations

June 4, 2020
Deadline to select a First-Year Seminar in Navigator
Schedule an appointment with your health care provider to complete required health paperwork (students should use the health and immunization forms provided by the university)

June 10, 2020                      Recommend deadline to download the Navigate App in Google Play or the App Store

June 22, 2020                     Updated housing rates will be announced

June 24, 2020                     Schedule a summer appointment with disability services to disclose and discuss fall accommodations by emailing

June 26, 2020                     HOUSING APPLICATION AND PERSONAL DETAILS FORM DUE (if you've paid your housing deposit, go to your Housing Portal to complete the application)

June 28, 2020                     Make sure your home address is updated in Navigator since FYE will be mailing out your First Year Reading Experience book this coming week

EARLY JULY                       Course schedules, including online and in seat designations will be announced

July 1, 2020                         1st day to log on and complete Online Prevention Program

July 2, 2020                        
Housing Assignments sent to students
Make sure you’ve joined the Class of 2024 (freshman) or Transfer Community Facebook groups

July 3, 2020                        University is closed for the July 4th Holiday (offices will not be open)

July 4, 2020                        Happy 4th of July!

July 6, 2020                        Begin reading your FYRE book

July 14, 2020                      Fall bills become available on Navigator
                                            Payment plans become available to set up
                                            Make sure you figured out a plan for what laptop you will be using.  Review the information on the Dell discount AND laptop requirements if you choose not to get a Dell.

July 15, 2020                      Upload your health and immunization forms (provided by the university) through the health services portal

July 17, 2020                      Ability to waive/accept the university health insurance goes live in Navigator (you will need to waive this cost if you are covered by your own personal or family health insurance plan)

July 22, 2020                      Begin researching alternative financing if needed and applying for student loans and/or establish a payment plan if needed

July 28, 2020                      Fall textbook information becomes available this week online

August 1, 2020                  
First installment of payment plan due
Commuter parking passes become available to purchase
Bookstore advances become available for students who have more financial aid than they need to cover their bill

August 2, 2020                  Recommended deadline to complete entrance loan counseling and master promissory note in Navigator

August 3, 2020                  Move-in information emailed to students and website updated

August 8, 2020                  Recommended deadline to waive or accept health insurance

August 10, 2020                Deadline to cancel housing and receive your housing deposit back

August 12, 2020                Deadline to settle your fall bill by either paying in full, having financial aid (grants, loans, and/or scholarships) which cover the bill, and/or having a payment plan set up

August 13, 2020                Review your immunization records on your health portal, remedy any highlighted in red

August 14, 2020               
Recommended deadline to turn in your health and immunization form in order to meet 1+2=Key
Move in information will be emailed to your SSU email account

August 17, 2020               
Move in materials mailed to student's home addresses and email confirmation sent
Recommended deadline to submit FYRE scholarship essay to

August 20, 2020               
SSU Health and Safety Canvas Module goes live in Canvas. This module is mandatory for all residential students and all students who have in-person classes, and is recommended for students who are accessing their education online.

August 21, 2020               
You should have your FYRE book read by this date
Download the "Salem State University Events" app from the App Store or Google Play to stay up to date with events on campus

August 29-31, 2020           FIRST-YEAR STUDENT MOVE IN (specific information regarding dates and times will be emailed on August 19)

August 30, 2020               
Double check your fall class schedule and room locations

August 31, 2020               


September 2, 2020          FIRST DAY OF CLASSES
                                         Student Involvement Fair

September 3, 2020          Student Employment Fair

September 7, 2020         
Labor Day Holiday (university offices are closed, no classes are held)
Formal deadline to submit your FYRE scholarship essay to

September 9, 2020          Last day to add or drop classes and confirm full time status for financial aid

September 13, 2020        Deadline to complete your Online Prevention Program

September 14, 2020        Meet Your Major 11am-1pm (locations will be emailed to your SSU email account, posted in the Class of 2024 page, and available on the university website)

September 18, 2020        Suggested deadline to set up a Disability Services appointment if you need fall accommodations by emailing

September 25, 2020        Deadline to waive/change or enroll in university health insurance plan and meal plan

September 30, 2020        Last day to ensure immunization requirement has been met to allow class registration for spring