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Former students will begin repayment on loans beginning October 1, 2023

For students who have already graduated, the Supreme Court has ruled against the proposed one-time student loan cancellation based on income, and all borrowers currently on the payment pause will start making payments in October.

At Salem State, we want to ensure every borrower gets the up-to-date and accurate information and the support they need to begin making payments successfully. That's why we've partnered with Student Connections to provide additional support.

Their Borrower Advocates can help answer any questions you have and help you find the best, most affordable repayment option. This service is completely free to you.

Visit or talk to a Borrower Advocate for free at (866) 311-9450.

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Do you need to lower your monthly payment? 

Don't panic. You're not alone. Millions of student loan borrowers will struggle as repayment begins. The good news is there are several ways to control the monthly repayment cost. Check out this guide from Student Connections for more information.

Need help finding info about your student loans? 

The easiest way to find your loan information is by setting up accounts on and your loan servicer's website. Learn more about how to find loan info here.

Need to talk to a loan counselor to explore your repayment options? 

The Borrower Advocates at Student Connections can help answer any questions you have and help you determine what steps you need to take. Talk to a Borrower Advocate for free at (866) 311-9450.

About Student Connections

Student Connections is passionate about helping students. They partner with schools to provide support for borrowers throughout the student loan repayment process. With more than 60 years of experience in counseling student loan borrowers, their primary goal is to help you find the repayment plan that best fits your needs.

While you are in student loan repayment, Student Connections may contact you through emails, text messages, and phone calls to:

  • Help you understand your loan obligations and responsibilities.
  • Discuss available options for an affordable repayment plan.
  • Ensure you are aware of repayment options during financial hardships

Note: Due to Federal privacy regulations, when Student Connections calls, they will ask you to verify up to two pieces of personally identifiable information to ensure they are speaking with the correct person. 

Avoid Student Loan Debt Relief Scams

Federal Student Aid (FSA) continues to warn borrowers about student loan scams. With so many recent efforts to create new programs that provide debt relief, even savvy borrowers might find it hard to tell the difference between a scam and legitimate forgiveness and relief efforts.

Beware of any source that is not directing you to Federal Student Aid or your loan servicer. If you're unsure if an offer is legitimate or have questions, a Student Connections Borrower Advocate can help

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