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Gassett Fitness Center Re-Opening

Know Before You Go! 

Guidelines and Conduct for Spring 2021

Operating Hours

Re-Opening Date: 3.1.2021

  • Monday: 9 am-5:30 pm
  • Wednesday: 12-7 pm
  • Friday: 12-5:30 pm

Above hours subject to change

If you haven’t already, please familiarize yourself with our Fusion Member Portal. The portal will provide online access to programs and services and can be accessed from your computer or mobile device. You will also complete your Online Registration Form and Waiver at the time of your first log-in. Please review portal information so you don’t miss out on anything this semester!

The health and safety of our campus community remains our top priority. We have reduced our operating hours, enhanced cleaning protocols, spaced equipment, and implemented new policies to keep you safe.

We ask that you adhere to the following guidelines during your visit to maintain the safety of our patrons and staff.

Due to the nature of infectious diseases like COVID-19, no physical environment is free of risk of transmission. Our precautions are designed to mitigate, but cannot eliminate, this risk.


  • Limited use to 20 patrons at a time
    • 60-minute reservation (“bookings”) blocks have been created and we will allow 30 minutes between blocks for cleaning
    • Patrons will not be allowed to enter the facility until time block begins
  • Access is limited to university students only at this time
    • This decision was made in order to offer the safest environment and do our part to de-densify the campus
    • We will continue to evaluate the opportunity for our faculty/staff/administrators and affiliate members to return safely
    • The Gassett Fitness Center will ensure that paid memberships are extended to account for this interruption in service
    • No guest access, visitors, tours, or spectators will be permitted

CoVerified Use and Testing Requirements

  • All users must complete the daily symptom screening on CoVerified and be compliant with mandatory COVID-19 testing requirements or entry will be denied
    • Please be prepared to display a green CLEARED CoVerified badge to access the Gassett Fitness Center for your reservation/booking
    • Please understand that we cannot provide in person services/access to your reservation/booking if you have a red RESTRICTED CoVerified badge, based on university health and safety protocols
    • Do not come to the fitness center and stay home if you don’t feel well

Reservation/Booking System and Access

  • Register for your workout booking, group exercise class or other program or service prior to visiting using the Fusion Web Portal
    • Walk-up registration/booking will be accommodated as available
  • All reservations/bookings will provide access for a 60-minute time slot each visit
    • This can be done by logging in to the Fusion Web Portal and selecting the “Bookings” option
    • If you are experiencing trouble logging into your portal account, please contact
    • Please adhere to these timeframes in order to comply with capacity limitations
  • You must be a currently registered Salem State University student to reserve your booking and access the fitness center
  • Registration will open 24 hours before your desired time slot
  • All members are permitted one reservation/booking per day
  • Members WILL NOT be allowed to enter the facility outside of their reserved booking time slot
  • Reservation bookings are on a first-come, first-serve basis
  • Members that are no longer able to attend their workout reservation/booking are expected to cancel their registration in advance through the Fusion Web Portal within the “Bookings” option
  • All spaces and equipment within our facility will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis
  • As capacity is limited, repeated failure to check-in for your reservation/booking may result in temporary access restrictions to Campus Life and Recreation/Gassett Fitness Center facilities
  • Your ClipperCard will be required for entry
  • You are expected to exit the facility following your workout and respect space capacity restrictions and workout booking limits

Safety and Compliance

  • All patrons are required to wear a mask at all times, including while exercising, that covers your nose and mouth
  • Please maintain social distancing in all areas of the facility as dictated by current guidelines
  • Equipment has been appropriately spaced for your safety and to maintain social distancing guidelines for activity
    • If you are not actively working on a piece of open equipment, you should not be in that area
    • We are encouraging a safe social distance of up to 14' from all other users in the Gassett Fitness Center whenever possible
    • Be sure to wait for equipment, access to cubbies, cleaning supplies, sinks, etc. at an appropriate distance
  • Single user stations will be enforced for all areas with no shared equipment and no partner exercises
  • Please practice “lifting within your means” as spotters are not permitted at this time
  • Follow all posted signage
  • The Department of Campus Life and Recreation reserves the right to refuse service/access to any user. To maintain the safest environment for all who enter the facility, the Gassett Fitness Center will operate with a zero-tolerance policy.
    • Failure to follow policies, procedures and guidelines may result in access restrictions. Non-compliance will be reported to community standards.


  • Wash your hands and use hand sanitizer frequently
  • Touchless hand sanitizer dispensers will be provided throughout the facility for easy and frequent access – one will be placed before entering the facility and all users are required to use before accessing the space
  • Disposable wipes will be placed near equipment and patrons will be required to sanitize equipment before and after use
    • Wipes will be placed at each piece of large equipment (i.e. treadmills) and next to each area of smaller equipment (i.e. free weights)

Locker Rooms and Personal Belongings

  • The locker room showers and day use lockers are currently closed for your safety
    • Locker rooms will be open for bathroom use and handwashing only and should not be used to change into or out of workout attire
    • Users are encouraged to come dressed and ready to workout
  • A limited number of cubbies will be available for use
  • Members are encouraged to limit items brought into the fitness center
  • Cubbies must be sanitized before and after use using provided materials


  • All equipment has been spaced 14’ apart
    • Any equipment unable to meet this spacing requirement has been blocked off or put into storage to maintain 14’ distancing
  • Workout zones will be created to space patrons using free weights and functional training equipment
  • All equipment will be sanitized between users. No equipment will be used by another patron or returned to the storage rack without being sanitized.
  • Student employees will be stationed throughout the facility to ensure compliance
  • Users will be encouraged to bring their own personal equipment
  • No circuit training or working in; finish a set and clean the equipment
  • Some equipment and areas will be marked closed and patrons agree not to use or enter closed off areas or equipment

Routine Cleaning and Protection

  • Bathrooms will be cleaned and properly sanitized and disinfected throughout the day
  • Between each 60-minute reservation/booking block, the facility will be closed for thorough cleaning of equipment and high touch surfaces between users
    • EPA approved materials and electrostatic sprayer to be used
  • We are committed to keeping our facility safe and clean for your visit. We kindly ask for you to use the hand sanitizing stations located throughout the facility before, during, and after your workout, and to use provided materials to clean any equipment both before, and after, use.
    • The cleanliness of our spaces relies on a culture of shared responsibility, please do your part!
  • Patrons are encouraged to bring their own personal exercise equipment such as jump ropes, resistance bands and yoga mats, as shared items will not be permitted

Additional Restrictions

There will be no access to the pool or sauna at this time

Water fountains are to be used as refill stations only – patrons should bring their own bottle – no drinking from the water fountains and no reuse of bottles

Common areas and lounge spaces have been set following social distancing standards and users are expected to maintain at least 6’ of social distancing at all times

Doors will be propped open whenever/wherever possible to minimize shared surfaces

One-way traffic within facility and program areas should be practiced

Basketball courts are off-line at this time as they are being used for COVID-19 testing and vaccination clinics

Equipment checkout is currently suspended, and patrons are encouraged to bring personal exercise equipment for use during their visit


Staff will be screened daily to ensure that they meet the MA state guidelines

Staff must meet daily symptom monitoring and weekly testing requirements

Staff will monitor entry/exit and program areas to ensure compliance with policies and procedures

Group Exercise Policies

  • Classes are FREE, space is limited and registration is required
  • Registration for the upcoming week of classes will open on Saturday and close 24 hours before the class begins
  • Register using the Fusion Web Portal
  • In the event of inclement weather, outdoor classes will be cancelled
  • Please wear your mask and bring your own mat, towel, and water
  • Face masks will be required at all times, even while exercising
  • No admittance to group exercise classes is permitted 5 minutes after the class begins
  • All participants need to practice social distancing as dictated by the activity and subject to change based on current guidelines
  • Please sanitize hands before entering designated fitness spaces and when leaving
  • Please wipe down equipment before and after use
  • Please do not share equipment
  • No partner exercises will be permitted
  • Instructors will not be able to provide assists

Additional Resources and Requirements

Students must complete and pass the Compass Resources for Returning Students, Spring 2021 Health and Safety Module on Canvas

Community Standards COVID Expectations

COVID-19 Health, Safety and Campus Response

Health and Safety Protocols Spring 2021 for On-Campus Students, Faculty and Staff

Spring Semester Student FAQ's

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