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GoBoard (Online Tutoring) Instructions for Students

Salem State uses GoBoard, a premier online tutoring platform that combines video conferencing with an interactive canvas.

Please be advised your online tutoring session will be recorded. The audio/video recording is only accessible to the tutoring program coordinator, Megan Penyack. After your session, a pdf of the work you and your tutor shared on the “whiteboard” will be emailed to you and your tutor so you can review it and study from it in the future.

Here is additional information about your online tutoring session for after you have scheduled your appointment on Navigate.

  1. Watch this video tutorial to learn how to use GoBoard.

  2. Google Chrome works best to access your GoBoard online tutoring session, but it will also work with Firefox and Safari. GoBoard does not work with Microsoft Edge. This system does not work well on a mobile phone, nor do we recommend you use one.

  3. Need to download Chrome? Get started!

  4. To use GoBoard with Firefox, try disabling Add-ons to make it work more smoothly: Open Firefox > Select 'Help' in Menu Bar > Select 'Restart with Add-ons Disabled'

Starting Your Session

  1. Follow the link I emailed you (the one that is and select the “I’m a Student” box.

  2. Then, select 'Log in with TMS account'.

  3. Select 'Sig up for a new account' if this is your first time using the service and create a profile by providing your name and Salem State email address in order to access your tutoring “room”.

  4. Allow GoBoard to access your webcam and microphone. (You may need to turn off any pop-up blockers you have on your browser). If you are logging in for your tutoring appointment, you should see and/or hear your tutor or they will be there shortly.  

  5. Maximize your screen to see as much of the board as possible.

Using the Board

  1. Right-click to see the menu of tools. 

  2. Click on the 'More Tools' menu button to access graphs, symbols, and other useful tools.

After Your Session

  1. You will receive an e-mail with a PDF copy of the “board” you used with your tutor during your session.  

  1. Please take our survey regarding your session experience. Your feedback is very important to us.

To request an accommodation, please contact Disability Services at 978.542.6217 or

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