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How to- Apply for Graduation

How to- Apply for Graduation (PDF Version)

1. Log into Navigator

2. On the Student Homepage, click on "Academic Progress".

3. On the menu on the left-hand side of the screen, click on "Apply for Graduation".

4. To the right of "Academic Program", click on your program.

NOTE: If you have a double major, you may only choose one program as your primary graduation program. Choosing your second major as your primary graduation program may impact your graduation requirements, so choose your program carefully.

5. In the drop down menu provided next to "Expected Completion Term", select the term that you expect to graduate.

NOTE: If you are anticipating graduating in the summer, but wish to walk in the spring, input your "Expected Completion Term" as the summer term. Later in the application you will be able to indicate that you would like to attend commencement in the spring.

6. Read the Graduation Instructions, then select the "Continue" button.

7. Input your first, middle (optional), and last name in the corresponding boxes. Please note that how you write your name here is how it will be displayed on your diploma.

8. Under the heading "Event Attendance Information", indicate which commencement you will be attending by clicking the radio button next to the commencement and commencement year listed. Next, indicate whether you will be attending commencement or not by clicking the radio button next to "Will Attend" or "Will Not Attend", then click "Continue".

9. Verify that all of the information regarding your Program, Career, Degree, Major, and Expected Completion term are accurate. Then select "Submit Application".

10. When you have successfully completed your application, you will see an on screen confirmation. After 24-hours, you will also receive a confirmation email that your application was successfully completed.

Please visit our graduation page for application deadline dates. Applying after the deadline will result in a late application fee of $50.