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How can I register my gaming device?

Gaming consoles will now work on both the wired and wireless networks in the residence halls at Salem State. For a more robust gaming experience, we recommend that when possible, the wired network be used rather than the wireless.

If you are trying to register your game console on the wireless network, use the SSID (wireless network) “SalemState‐Open”

There are three ways to register your game console:

1) FROM THE GAME CONSOLE – Connect your console to either the wired network or the wireless (SalemState‐Open). If it has a web browser, open it and go to and complete the form.

2) FROM ANOTHER DEVICE THAT IS ALREADY ON THE SSU other than your game console (e.g a laptop) ‐‐ First connect your game console to either the Salem State wired or wireless (SalemState‐Open) network. Then, from your laptop go to and complete the form.

3) Call the ITS Help Desk

If the registration page fails, you will need to contact the ITS Help Desk so they can manually register your device. You will need to know the unique network address (MAC) of your console to register it. If you need assistance locating that address, please refer to this page. Be aware, the wired (ethernet) and wireless MAC addresses are unique on your device. Make sure you identify the correct address.

At this time, we do not support IoT, streaming devices or game consoles in university buildings other than the residence halls.