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How do I change my dining plan?

A dining plan is given to both resident and commuter students so they are able to eat on campus. The dining plan may have a ClipperCash account which students can use for activities and services on and off campus without having to carry cash. The dining plan also has a dining dollar account for food on campus. Our goal is to integrate both commuting and resident students so both groups are able to experience a full college life. 

What if I do not want the plan?

All resident students are required to have a dining plan, it is a mandatory part of your housing contract. If you have a dietary restriction and are unable to eat on campus, please contact ClipperCard and we will work together with food services to find the best solution to fit your needs.

Full-Time Day Commuters are not Required to Have a Meal Plan this Semester

The Commuter Block Plan is usually mandatory for all first year full-time commuter students, but because of the uncertain circumstances with Covid-19, commuters do not need to have a plan.

Waive the Commuter Dining Plan

Log on to your Navigator account; under the campus finance section, choose waive commuter plan, then check the box to opt-out of the plan. 

The deadline for the Fall 2020 semester is Friday, September 25th, 2020 at 3 pm. After the deadline has passed you are required to keep the plan.

Changing your Dining Plan

Students can upgrade their plans in their Navigate app until 8/26/2020. After that, they can contact to make any changes.

Viking Dining Options

All You Care To Eat Dining Plans for Resident Students (Viking, Marsh, Peabody, and Bowditch)

All You Care To Eat Dining 7 Day Silver Plan (default plan)

All You Care To Eat 7 Day Gold Plan 

All You Care To Eat 7 Day Platinum Plan 

Three Guest Passes

$50 ClipperCash

Six Guest Passes

$150 Dining Dollars

$50 ClipperCash

Eight Guest Meal Passes

$300 Dining Dollars

$50 ClipperCash

$1,983 per semester 

$2,173 per semester

$2,313 per semester


Block Plans for Commuter and Apartment Students (Atlantic and Bates)

Block Plan 1 (default plan)

Block Plan 2

Block Plan 3

42 Meal Swipes

$100 Dining Dollars

$25 ClipperCash

60 Meal Swipes

$300 Dining Dollars

$50 ClipperCash

140 Meal swipes

$200 Dining Dollars

$50 ClipperCash

$406 per semester

$740 per semester

$1,160 per semester