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How to- Find my Academic Advisor

Day students must see their faculty advisor before registration for fall or spring. You will have a faculty advisor hold until you have seen your faculty advisor. The faculty advisor will have your advising/registration worksheet and will release your hold after you have met with them. You will not be able to register without meeting with your advisor. Continuing and professional studies students are advised by the Academic Advising office and are encouraged (but not required) to speak with an advisor before registering for classes. 

Students  should make an advising appointment with their faculty advisor during the advising period for the upcoming semester. Students should meet with their advisor even if they have other types of registration holds. For specifics, check with your advisor's academic department or directly with your advisor prior to the advising dates. All faculty advisors will  have posted office hours and appointments available during the advising period each semester.  In most cases your advisor will be assigned in your major department within the first few weeks of classes.  Undeclared students have been assigned an advisor in a department related to their areas of interest.

How to- Find my advisor (PDF version)

How do I find out who my advisor is?

1. Log into Navigator.

2. On the Student Homepage, click on "Academic Progress". 

3. On the left-hand side of the page, click on "Advisors".    

NOTE: If you receive the message, "You have not been assigned to an Advisor or to any Advising Committees", please contact your major department to find your advisor. If you are undeclared, please contact Academic Advising. New students will not have their faculty advisors assigned until three weeks into their first semester.

Getting ready for the advising appointment.

Before seeing your advisor during the advising period each semester, it is your responsibility to:

  • Review your Degree Tracker report (click on "View on Degree Tracker Report" within "Academic Progress" in Navigator) and see what requirements you still need to complete.  Write down any questions you have for your advisor and bring them with you for your appointment.
  • Complete a course shopping list  Write down some ideas for courses that you want to take next semester so that you can discuss these with your advisors.

Your advisor will review your course shopping list and work with you to: (a) determine what courses you should take, (b) discuss your curriculum, (c) discuss your general education requirements, and (d) make recommendations for course selection on your Advising/Registration Worksheet.