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How to make a tutoring appointment in TutorTrac


Make a peer tutoring appointment online at any time.


  1. Log in to your Navigator account and select ‘Student Resources,’ then select ‘Request a Peer Tutor.’ You can also get started by going directly to

  2. Log in using your Salem State student ID (with the ‘S’) and Navigator password.
  3. Select ‘Search Availability’ on the left side of page.
  4. Under Center, select:
    1. On-campus tutoring for face-to-face tutoring in the location specified or
    2. Online tutoring for an appointment with a Salem State peer tutor via GoBoard, using your video and/or audio-enabled device (desktop, laptop, iPad).
  5. Select the course you need tutoring in under ‘Section.’
  6. You must visit the Accounting Lab in (Bertolon School of Business) if you wish to access a tutor for ACC, FIN, or ODS courses. For ENL courses, please contact the Writing Center.
  7. Click ‘Search.’
    1. If a tutor’s name and availability appear, click on a time and enter your information in the window that appears. If a message appears indicating there is no tutor, we may not have a tutor for that course but you may contact us to discuss other resources. If you selected “Online tutoring” from the ‘Center’ box and get no results, you could also try selecting “On-campus” tutoring, instead.
  8. Select ‘Save’ and you will receive an email from TutorTrac confirming your appointment*.

*Online appointments


If you scheduled an online tutoring appointment, you will receive an email from TutorTrac and an email from the tutoring coordinator with a link to join your online tutoring session and additional instructions. If you scheduled an online tutoring appointment, please make sure you read the instructions to make sure that you and your web browser are prepared for the session.