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How to: Register for classes

1. Log into Navigator.

2. Once at the Student Homepage, click on "Manage Classes".

3. On the menu on the left-hand side of the screen, click on "Class Search and Registration". Then, select a term by clicking on the radio button next to the desired term, if applicable. Then click "Continue".

4. If you know the four-digit class number of the class you are registering for, enter it in the box found under "Add to Cart". Or, under "Find Classes", click on the "Search" button to search for classes.

5. Select the course subject by typing in the three letter abbreviation next to "Select Subject". If the abbreviation is not known, click on the "Select Subject" button and find the abbreviation listed alphabetically.

          i.e. English = ENL

6. Type in the course number in the box to the right-hand side of "Course Number". If you are unsure of the course number, you may complete the search without it when you are generally searching for classes within a subject, rather than a specific class.

7. Choose your "Academic Group" to determine undergraduate day, undergraduate continuing education or graduate classes.

8. If you are searching for a specific session, you may select it in the drop-down menu. Otherwise, leave this option blank.

9. Click "Search" on the bottom right-hand side of the "Search for Classes" box.

10. Scroll through the search results and click on the class that you would like to register for. Pay close attention to the meeting days and times, as well as meeting dates. To learn more information about any particular class section, click on the four digit number listed under the "Class" heading. 

11. If you would like to select a course to register for, click on the "Select" button for that particular class section.

12. Review the Enrollment Information, then click "Next". The class will now be added to your shopping cart.

13. To complete your registration, click the button that reads "Proceed to Step 2 of 3". 

14. Confirm the classes you wish to register for, and then click "Finish Enrolling". 

15. A green check mark indicates a successful enrollment. A red "X" indicates the registration was not successful. Please read the message clearly and take appropriate action.