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How To: View My Financial Aid In Navigator

How to: View My Financial Aid In Navigator 

Step 1: Log into Navigator to see your Student Homepage.

Sing In To Navigator


Step 2: Once on the Student Homepage, click on the Financial Aid tile. 

Financial Aid Tile


Step 3: One of the scenarios listed could be displayed on the Financial Aid page: 

  • Scenario 1:  If you have never filled out a FAFSA, you will receive the below message. You need to submit your FAFSA information right away. Please contact the Student Navigation Center if you believe you have successfully filed a FAFSA and see this message. 

No Financial Aid Information Found


  • Scenario 2: If you are a current student who successfully submitted a FAFSA but is not yet awarded for an upcoming aid year, the page will default to your previous year's financial aid awards.  

Award Summary


  • Scenario 3: You will see a Need Summary if your FAFSA has been received for that aid year, but has not yet been processed or awarded. 

Need Summary

Please be cautious of the aid year you are viewing. You may need to click the "Change" button to view a different year. 

Change Award Year

Step 4: Click the Filter icon to filter your Award Summary by category or status. Categories include grants, loans, waivers, and Work-Study. Status included accepted or declined. 

Filter Button



Additional Notes

A Work-Study award will not be applied toward a student's bill. Work-Study funds come as a paycheck if a student works a Work-Study funded job on campus. 

The federal government charges a loan fee on all federal student loans. The loan fee is a percentage of the total loan amount proportionately deducted from each loan disbursement. The loan fee cannot be waived. View the amount listed under the Net Award heading to see the dollar amount that will be disbursed to your account. 

Award Details Screen


Do You Need More Help?

Financial Aid
Student Navigation Center
Walk-In Service: Student Navigation Center: Second Floor, Classroom Building, Central Campus, 71 Loring Avenue, Salem, MA 01970