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ITS Computer Labs


ITS open access computer labs schedule and location


The ITS department manages open access computer labs on campus to provide students with convenient access to reliable computing resources. The hours of operation may vary by location and are reduced during summer and winter sessions.

All computers in these labs have SSPS software installed and productivity software such as the Microsoft Office suite.


Central Campus: CC154

[BCB:1114:CC154 hours:ECB]




O'Keefe: OK129

[BCB:1116:OK129 hours:ECB]


  NOTE: the O'Keefe computer lab schedule is often interrupted due to frequent scheduling of recurring classes in the lab throughout the day.



Summer/Winter session hours:

[BCB:1131:Summer/Winter hours:ECB]



Requirements: SSU login information


Printing: Black and white, single-sided laser jet printers are located in each computer lab.  Cost of printing is $.10 (10cents) per page.

If there is a problem with one of the printers in the ITS computer labs (CC154 or MH201) such as a paper jam or if the printer is out of paper please contact Student Technology Support office at 978.542.7110.