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Laptop repair - Drop off / Pickup procedures


Need a repair?

A repair on a laptop can mean different things.  There may be physical damage to hardware that may, or may not, be visible, as well as other damage such as viruses and corrupted software. Knowing what exactly needs repairing is often difficult to identify and communicate to a support agent or repair technician especially for someone who, at the moment, may not have experience with the technology. 

We have people here who want to help you.

We can answer most of your questions and provide useful information so that you may seek the appropriate assistance, if necessary. We can fix most Dell laptops, such as those purchased through the MassAdvantage Dell laptop program that Salem State University participates in, even laptops purchased through other participating institutions in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


Dropping off a laptop?

Students seeking warranty repairs on a recommended Dell system will be required to provide some general detail as to the possible cause of any hardware damage or hardware failure so that a more timely resolution can occur.

An ITS staff member will request identification to create a repair ticket containing the relevant information including an accessible telephone number. A signature will be requested from the student to thereby grant permission to proceed with the necessary repairs which may require a hard drive reformat. An email will be sent to the student from JIRA, the call logging system, indicating a support request has been started. The email will serve as a direct link for a status as well as any communication that may be necessary to resolve the request. 

Upon completion of thorough system diagnostics, any failed or damaged hardware component(s) identified will be ordered through Dell warranty support services utilizing the service tag (serial number) assigned to the computer. Replacement parts are usually shipped overnight from Dell and delivered to the university by the next business day for part requests submitted prior to 4:00pm cst. 

After the necessary repairs have been satisfactorily completed an email will be sent to the student from JIRA, the call logging system, indicating the laptop is ready for pickup. Students may pickup their laptop at any time the Student Laptop Support office is open. Valid student identification is required.


All personal files saved on a computer hard drive (pictures, documents, important and miscellaneous files) not saved to either, an online storage location (OneDrive), a flash drive or usb storage device, or other storage media are susceptible to loss due to viruses, file corruption, hard drive failure, theft, or other unforeseen issues.

It is strongly recommended to relocate all relevant files to an alternate location as mentioned above, prior to bringing a computer in for any kind of troubleshooting or repair work. 


Can someone pick up my laptop from the Student Laptop Repair center?

Yes, a student may authorize someone else to pick up their laptop by replying, with the name(s) of any individuals being authorized, to the email generated by the JIRA ticketing system when the repair request was initiated.


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