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LEAD (Leadership Engagement Advocacy Diversity) Virtual Engagement

Student Engagement/Student Organizations and Interest Groups

During this period of remote learning and social distancing, there are still opportunities to connect with others that have a shared interest. Please download the “Salem State University Events” app (available in all app stores) or visit the Presence website to stay up to date on all events and connect with student groups.

Fraternity and Sorority Life

Interested students and potential new members: The Spring 2020 Recruitment period has closed. Informal recruitment is expected to resume in the Fall 2020 semester; more details to come. If you are interested in getting involved in Fraternity and Sorority Life at Salem State, please email Victoria Alexander at

Active members: During these uncertain times, we hope the resources below will help you maintain a strong sense of belonging and fellowship, to your chapters and interfraternally, as you navigate a virtual fraternity and sorority experience.

Meetings and Connection: Facetime, Android Video Calling, Skype, Google Hangout are all great for virtual connection. Phired Up Productions has created a great resource that highlights 44 ways to foster brotherhood/sisterhood virtually. Consider hosting small virtual get-togethers to maintain connection. Perhaps, split the chapter into smaller groups like by new member class or groups of big/little families. If your chapter initiated new members this semester, be sure to reach out to your newest classes specifically. As you know, your first year as a member is a special time and theirs will now look much different than we anticipated.

National Headquarters: Please maintain regular contact with your National Headquarters/Advisors. They likely have plenty of information to help ease the transition to remote learning and back. Remain up to date on National expectations.

Chapter and Council Leadership:  Each chapter's Executive Board, and the Greek Council Executive Board, should continue to meet regularly via Zoom or other video conferencing software. Chapter Presidents will continue to have regular meetings with Victoria, their Liaison. Presidents should meet individually with Executive Board members to plan for the Fall semester.

Food Insecurity Community Resources

The Salem State University Food Pantry is currently being housed in Atlantic Hall in order to accommodate any students in need who have been approved to remain on campus. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we cannot allow off-campus students to access the Food Pantry at this time. However, local communities are providing various resources for those who may be experiencing financial burdens and/or food insecurity. Please find these resources below. For any questions regarding the Food Pantry, please contact Alliane Brennan in LEAD at If you are seeking additional resources, please contact Case Manager Rachel Frank in Student Life at

Leadership Programs

Leadership resources and program offerings are a cornerstone of the LEAD office and will be continued to be offered while practicing social distancing. Additionally we have resources to assist in the enrichment and growth of our students. If you have questions or are looking for additional resources/programs for yourself or your group, please reach out to Melissa Arroyo,

Diversity and Multicultural Programs

The LEAD Office strongly values of the concept of creating and making space for students with marginalized identities during this difficult and tumultuous time. Understanding that our Black, LatinX, Brown, and LGBTQIA+ communities are disproportionately impacted by job loss, food insecurity, and difficulty managing social distancing we want to create spaces where students can exist authentically. Below you will find some programs and opportunities to engage with our campus community. If you seek out 1:1 consultation or additional programming resources, please contact Junior Peña at