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Note Takers


Note Taker Accommodation Process


If it is determined that you are eligible for note taking services, your Accommodation Approval Faculty Letter will indicate this. You are responsible for contacting Disability Services regarding any scheduling changes or note taking problems. 

  • Note takers are selected from the students in your classroom. You can attempt to find a classmate who might be willing to provide you copies of their notes. If you are not comfortable making a choice, the instructor can be enlisted to help with the selection process.  
  • Note takers receive a $50 clipper cash deposit for taking notes. Clipper cash will be paid towards the end of the semester if the notes have been provided consistently and satisfactorily. Notetakers must come to Disability Services to complete appropriate paperwork in order to be paid.  
  • All notetakers have the option to use the copy machine in our office to duplicate notes. They are also eligible to fully participate in all activities and trainings offered to notetakers. Please Note: As notes are considered a supplement to the lecture, you will only receive notes for classes when you are in attendance.  
  • If you have concerns with the notes you are receiving in a class, or if you are not receiving the notes, you must immediately notify Disability Services of the problem. Disability Services may wish to look at the notes and possibly ask your professor to review the notes for content and legibility. If it is determined that the notes are not sufficient, you or your instructor should select another notetaker from the class.  
  • If no notetakers can be selected from class, the Disability Services office will contact the faculty and/or director of the student’s program in order to recruit a graduate student or teaching assistant.