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Office 365 using iPhone or iPad, Deleting and Reinstalling Account


What to do with Office 365 using your iPhone or iPad when your SSU password changes


Of Special Note:

If you are planning on changing your SSU password, the best practice is to delete account on device first, change password, and then reinstall.

If you are using the native iOS email App on an iPhone/iPad and are transitioning to Office 365, you have to delete the account on your phone or device and then add it back in again in order to see your email when migrating to Office365.

Deleting Existing Account

Go to Settings on your iPhone and select Mail


settings then mail

Select Accounts


Delete accounts

Select your SSU Email


Select SSU email

Scroll to bottom and select “Delete Account”


click delete account

When the window comes up warning you that it will remove calendars, reminders, contacts and notes, select “Delete from My iPhone”.


select delete account

Add a New Account

Go to Settings on your iPhone and select Mail


accounts then mail

Select Add Account


add account

Select Exchange from mail type list


select exchange

Enter your SSU email (as, enter a description and select “Next” to go to the next screen.


add username

Enter your password, then select Next.

 enter password

Select Save the account before navigating away from screen.


select save

When you first start the email app, you will see a message telling you there is no data, then you will see that it is downloading data. Once that is done, you should see the same message, contact and calendar data you were seeing before.


wait for updating to finish