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Reactivating Your Student Record as a Non-Degree Student

If you have a Navigator login and want to return to Salem State to take classes, you may need to reactivate your student record. For example, if you graduated from Salem State with an undergraduate degree and would like to take graduate level courses, you would use this feature. Another example is if you took a summer class several years ago as a non-degree student and need to take another graduate or undergraduate class. Please see instructions below on how to reactivate your record.

If you have been admitted for an upcoming semester and want to take classes before you are officially matriculated, please contact the Student Navigation Center.

If you need help, Email the Student Navigation Center or call 978.542.8000.

  • Login to Navigator 
  • Go to the Academic Records tile.
  • Click on Activate a Non-Degree Program
  • Select the career/class level for the class(es) you wish to enroll in. (Graduate/Undergraduate)
  • Select Undergrad – Non-Matriculating or Graduate – Non-Matriculating program
  • Indicate by checking Yes or No if you have been a Massachusetts resident, other than for the purpose of attending an educational institution, for at least the last 12 consecutive months.
  • Click ‘Continue’ to create your program or ‘Cancel’ to cancel the transaction.
  • A pop-up menu will ask you to confirm your selection. Click ‘Yes’ to continue or ‘No’ to cancel.
  • Confirm that you agree and understand the terms and conditions for creating a non-degree program. Click “Submit” to create your program or ‘Cancel’ to cancel the transaction.
  • After your non-degree program has been created, go to the Navigator home page and click on the ‘Manage Classes’ title. Choose the career and term you wish to register for.