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Riding a Bike from Campus

View a video about the Blue Bike Pell Grant $5 monthly pass.

Bike Paths and Bike Lock Spaces

It’s a quick 15-minute ride to downtown Salem (behind Domino’s) from the bike path on Central Campus. Or take the path in the other direction to explore Marblehead. The path is protected from cars and is a great place to bike, skateboard or walk downtown. You can also explore the 6.8 miles of protected bike lanes (including shared use paths), and 6.4 miles of on-road designated bike lanes throughout Salem.

Learn how you can take your bike on MBTA buses, trains, and ferries. 

Across campus, there are 390 spots where you can lock your bike. Students who want to protect their bikes in winter can email to request access to the bike storage room in Viking Hall.

Bluebike Hubs

Borrow a Bluebike from the hub on Central Campus along the bike path or the new hub on North Campus in front of Ellison Center and return it to one of the seven other bike hubs across the city. There are several hubs downtown, at the ferry, commuter rail station, and near the School of Social Work at Lafayette and Leach Streets. There is also a hub at the newly renovated Forest River Park. Single rides cost $4.00; annual and monthly memberships are also available. Download the Bluebikes app to start.

Look out for free single-ride code giveaways at various points during the academic year. Students may also pick up free ride codes from:

  • Library Help Desk
  • Gassett Fitness Center
  • School of Social Work LA-114

Bluebike Discount for Pell Grant Recipients

Do you have a Pell Grant? Take advantage of Bluebike’s deals for those who qualify as low-income eligible. People who qualify can use Bluebikes for $50 per year, or $5 per 30 days of riding. Learn how to apply for the Bluebikes discount.


If you have questions about green transportation to and from campus, contact the sustainability office.