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Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

To maintain eligibility for financial assistance, students must be making satisfactory academic progress (SAP) towards their degree.

Salem State University's Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy:

  • Students must meet a minimum qualitative standard of a 2.0 CUM GPA and minimum of 66% CUM completion of all attempted credits to remain in good standing for financial aid.

See also: 150 RULE

If a student is placed on Academic Probation

  • A student placed on loses their aid eligibility and must file an appeal with the Compliance Administrator in the Financial Aid Office.
  • Appeal forms are available ONLY through Academic Advising and must be submitted with all relevant documentation (Doctor letters, Medical Information, Death Certificate, etc.).
  • Students must complete an Academic Contract with Academic Advising each semester they are on probation.
  • Students are only allowed one (1) Financial Aid SAP Appeal** in their academic Career at Salem State University.
  • All appeals must be submitted in writing on or before the date specified in the student’s probation notification letter and will only be considered under exceptional circumstances.
  • Approved appeals of financial aid eligibility are reviewed each semester to assure student is meeting their academic contracts.
  • Violation of an Academic Contract will result in loss of financial aid. Student will not be eligible for aid until they come into good academic standing*.

**In the event a student violates their semester academic contract due to significant and uncontrollable circumstances (i.e. severe medical issues, hospitalization, death of an immediate family member, etc.) they should contact Academic Advising as soon as possible. Academic Advising will consult with the Financial Aid Compliance Administrator regarding the student’s options.


NOTE: If a student is academically dismissed from the institution they may appeal to The Selective Retention Committee for readmission. If the dismissed student was currently on an approved SAP Appeal, or had a prior SAP appeal, and is readmitted by the Selective Retention Committee, their financial aid eligibility not not guaranteed.