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Student Employment Hiring Packet

As part of your fall  student employment, you must complete hiring paperwork before you can be officially hired. The student employment office is currently remote and so all paperwork should be returned via email. 

Please complete the attached forms and return them by email to Forms must be in PDF format. For your security, please DO NOT include any social security numbers on the forms.

  • Keep in mind that we cannot provide tax advice so any questions regarding your state or federal forms should be addressed to a professional tax advisor or a trusted individual.
  • The I-9 form is an employment verification document that must be completed by all employees. Please complete only page one of the I-9 form, our office will complete page two.
  • All dates should be in the format of mm/dd/yyyy. If an area of the document is not applicable to you, please write in N/A.

Additional instructions are included in the attachments. As mentioned, DO NOT include your social security number on these forms to maintain security. Once we receive your hiring paperwork, we will follow up to schedule a brief Zoom call with you based on your availability.

If you have any questions, please email us at