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Supported wireless devices

To connect to the university WiFi network, a wireless device will need to support WiFi3 or newer.

WiFi5 or WiFi6-capable devices are highly recommended.

WiFi devices prior to WiFi3 are no longer supported on the Salem State network.

Unsupported wireless devices

There are many wireless-capable devices on the market and you may be considering what device(s) you want to purchase. It is very important to note that not all wireless-capable devices are supported on the Salem State network.

Access to the Salem State wireless network requires a device with a WiFi3 (formerly known as 802.11g) or newer network adapter.

A device is not supported and may not work on campus if the device:

  • does not have an ethernet adapter or a WiFi3, or better, wireless adapter.
  • does not have a browser installed.
  • does not have WPA-2 Enterprise security settings.
    • Exceptions:

      • Devices that do not support WPA-2 Enterprise can be on the SalemState-IoT network but require registration.
      • The SalemState-Guest WiFi network does not require WPA-2 Enterprise.
  • requires the ability to "cast" or stream to another device on the network.

Examples of unsupported devices include, but are not limited to:

  • Chromecast
  • GoPro HERO camera
  • wireless printers

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