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Tuition Remission Information

Tuition Remission Information

Interested MA state employees should speak to their Human Resources department for benefit details. Criteria varies by employment.

1. What is Tuition Remission ?

The Tuition Remission program provides eligible state employees, dependent children and spouses enrolled in regular state-supported courses or programs at Salem State University, 100% remission of tuition. Fees are not covered through tuition remission. Those who enroll in programs or courses offered through Continuing and Professional Studies or the School of Graduate Studies receive 50% remission.

2. Who is eligible for tuition remission?

Eligibility has many criteria. Interested parties should contact the Human Resources office at their place of employment for details.

3. How do I apply to take courses?

Eligible candidates should contact the admissions office at Salem State University and meet all regular admission standards and criteria for the desired course/program they wish to attend. Those wishing to take courses as a non-degree student may do so by creating an account online.

4. How much of the tuition is covered?

This benefit provides 100% remission of tuition in regular state supported courses and 50% remission for non-state supported courses or programs offered under Continuing and Professional Studies or the School of Graduate Studies.

Fees are not covered by tuition remission – tuition only

5. What are regular state supported courses?

Regular state supported courses are those courses and programs that are part of Salem State University’s regular state-supported offerings. "State-supported" means instructional and other costs are paid from state appropriations. Most courses offered during weekday daytime hours are state-supported and qualify for 100% remission. All courses and programs offered through Continuing and Professional Studies and the School of Graduate Studies are non-state supported.

6. What are non-state supported courses?

Non-state supported courses or programs are those offered by Salem State University’s division of Continuing and Professional Studies and the School of Graduate Studies. These courses and programs are designed to be self-supporting, i.e. to generate sufficient revenue from tuition to pay faculty salaries and other costs. Most frequently, continuing education and graduate courses and programs are offered during late afternoon, evening, and weekend hours as well the summer. These courses and programs qualify for 50% remission.

7. What about fees for registration, labs, etc.?

Employees and their spouses who use this benefit are responsible for all fees charged by the university.

8. Does the university have to accept me into a course I want to take?

Admission to all programs is on a space-available basis, and the usual admission policies of the university must be met. Please contact for details. All programs of continuing education and graduate are self-sustaining. We reserve the right to cancel any course in which a minimum number of full tuition-paying students has not been enrolled.

9. How do I apply for tuition remission?

Contact your Human Resources Department for verification of employment. Do this well in advance of course registration to provide plenty of time for your agency to process the form.

10. What do I do with my Tuition Remission Certificate?

After your certificate has been signed by your Human Resources Department submit the original certificate to the Student Navigation Center at the point of registration. If you are taking more than one course, only one certificate is needed. This Certificate is valid for 120 days from the date of signature by the Human Resources department. A new certificate is required for each academic semester.

The Student Navigation Center will allow students to fax approved forms to 978-542-8520 or email to

Failure to submit this form on time each semester may result in denial of benefits.