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What Do I Need To Do If I Am Selected For Verification?

Details regarding the types of documentation needed for financial aid verification will be found in your Navigator account. Your To-Do list will detail which forms are requested and provide a link to download the required documents.

Generally, you will be asked to complete/provide one or more of the following forms:

  • Federal Tax Transcript
    • If you used the Internal Revenue Service Data Retrieval Tool (IRS DRT) when filling out your FAFSA form, you might not have to verify that information. In the following cases, however, your school may require you to submit an IRS tax transcript or a signed copy of your income tax return as part of the verification process.

    • You didn’t use the IRS DRT.

    • You used the IRS DRT and reported rollovers.

    • You can find your tax transcript through the IRS’s Get Transcript service at

    • You used the IRS DRT but also amended your tax return.

  • Verification Worksheet
  • Property Verification Worksheet
  • SNAP Food Stamp Verification
  • Child Support Paid Worksheet

You may also need to complete the following forms:

Delays in completing verification requirements will impact your financial aid eligibility and can result in the following:

  • Financial holds on your account
  • Inability to move into your residence hall
  • Restricted access to registration, grades, transcripts, etc.

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