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What is a living-learning community?

A living-learning community (LLC) is a small, dynamic group learning experience connecting two or more general education or major-specific courses in an exploration of a common theme. They are limited to 20 first-year students offering them the opportunity to live with one another (which is NOT required) having similar interests and participating in programs that cater to their academic, social, and personal needs. Students in these communities have the opportunity to partake in academic experiences with their peers and interact with faculty, enjoying the benefits of being part of a diverse community that shares scholarly interests.

***Due to COVID-19, Residence Life is in the process of re-configuring their housing plans so that students have their own bedroom to facilitate greater social distancing. LLCs will still continue as planned for the fall semester with the members of the experience that plan to live on campus, living on the same floor while still having their own bedroom. 

How do I sign up for a living-learning community?

First-year students interested in participating in a living-learning community should fill out the living-learning community registration form (attached) and submit to the first year experience office via mail or email. It is not required for members of the living-learning community to live on campus, so commuters that meet the criteria are encourage to apply. Students that wish to live on campus within the LLC floor must also select the appropriate LLC option on their housing license agreement in the housing portal. Since a living-learning community is limited to 20 students, it is recommended that students submit their form prior to orientation. Please keep in mind that by completing the application, you are agreeing to registering for all of the classes a part of the desired community. If you have questions, contact the first year experience office at or call 978.542.2618.  The office address is 101A Dining Commons, 352 Lafayette Street, Salem MA, 01970.

What living-learning communities are available for fall 2020?

On The Street and On The Screen: Latinx history, Images and Representation


  • MCO 220: Media Literacy (fall semester)
  • FYWL 100: First Year Seminar: ¡Sí se puede! The Impact of Latinx in the US (fall semester)

This learning community examines the Latinx experience at the intersection of everyday life and media representation. Students will be introduced to Latinx history, diversity, culture, identity, stereotypes, population growth, assimilation, and immigration, and then asked to apply those concepts as they acquire critical media consumption skills. This living learning community is for students that identify as a member of the Latinx community.

Enterprise and Economics League (EEL)


  • BUS 170 Introduction to Business (fall semester)
  • ECO 201 Principles of Macroeconomics (fall semester)

The Bertolon School of Business Living-Learning Community (EEL) is a way for first-year business students to connect with their peers and faculty in a new way. Focusing on creating an intentional community within Bertolon, EEL focuses on relationship building, academic excellence, and personal development. Students cultivate a strong working relationship with faculty, staff, and other students, while incorporating critical professional development activities into their experience. Students in EEL take two courses together as a cohort, can attend professional development seminars tailored to their needs, meet various Bertolon and Economics faculty during the faculty dinner series, receive one-on-one resume critiques, and visit the Boston Financial District and Federal Reserve! From structured activities to campus events and classroom experiences, EEL provides a Bertolon student the opportunity to start developing leadership skills needed for a 21st century business world. This living learning community is for students that are Business Administration majors.

Check out the attached Living-Learning Community Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to get answers to your questions!