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What resources are there for victims of abuse?


There's a variety of resources available to victims of abuse both on and off campus.


Resources and Phone Numbers
Salem State University Police Department : Criminal Investigations 978.542.6125

Salem State University Police Department Emergency: 978.542.6111

Salem State University Police Department (Non-Emergency): 978.542.6511

Healing Abuse Working for Change (H.A.W.C.): Hot line: 978.744.6841  Office: 978.744.8552

Salem Police Station: Non Emergency number: 978.744.0171

Emergency - 911

Feminist Majority Foundation Hotlines and Resources

Jane Doe Inc.

Healing Abuse Working for Change (H.A.W.C) Sexual Harassment & Violence Against Women

US DOJ Office of Violence Against Women

Domestic Violence Laws
Chapter 209A of the General Laws of Massachusetts deals with abuse between intimate partners, family or household members. Read the complete law.

Chapter 265, Section 43 of the General Laws of Massachusetts addresses the crime of stalking. This law was amended in August, 2000 to add Section 43A - "An Act Relative to the Crime of Criminal Harassment."