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Working With Disability-Related Interpreters

Should disability services determine that a student is eligible for interpreting services, here are some helpful tips working with an interpreter.

  • The interpreter's role is to facilitate communication from English and ASL; they are not tutors or teacher aides. 
  • Interpreters are certified professionals hired by Salem State University. 
  • Interpreters may request copies of the syllabus, handouts, and access to Canvas.
  • Speak naturally at a reasonable, modest pace, keeping in mind that the interpreter must listen and understand a complete thought before interpreting it into another language. 
  • The interpreter will wait 20 minutes for the student to arrive; if the student fails to show up, the interpreter will leave. 
  • If the class is over two hours, a team of interpreters will work together and alternate every 20-30 minutes. 
  • Please make seating arrangements at the beginning of class. The student may want to sit up front to see both the interpreter and instructor. 
  • Try to avoid talking while students are focused on written classwork. The student can't read and watch the interpreter at the same time. 
  • Captioned films and videotapes are strongly recommended to allow the student direct visual access to the information. 
  • Students may request a note-taker during the class.

Do You Need More Help?

Disability Services
Walk-In Service: Frederick E. Berry Library and Learning Commons, room G20