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Completing Your Housing Application Online

Ready to sign up for housing? Follow these steps to get started!

You can download a PDF of these instructions with screenshots here.

Step One: Pay Your Housing Deposit

  1. Log into Navigator.
  2. On the Student Homepage, click on "Financial Account".
  3. On the menu bar on the left-hand side of the screen, click on "Make a Housing eDeposit" and follow the "Click Here" link to TouchNet.
  4. On the Deposit Payment Page, on the drop-down menu select the appropriate term.
  5. Another drop-down menu will pop up, this is where you will select the deposit payment type, click "Select" and then "Continue".
  6. If paying via credit/ debit card, please follow steps 6-8. If paying via eCheck, please follow steps 9-13.
  7. Credit/ Debit card: Confirm the amount you would like to pay under the heading "Housing Deposit CC Fall", then, click "Continue".

 A 2.85% service fee is included in all credit/ debit card transactions.

8. In the drop-down menu next to "Method", select "Credit or Debit". Then click "Continue".

9. Input your card number in the box under "Account Information" and click "Continue". Agree to the terms, and submit your payment.

10. eCheck: On the "Deposit Payment" page, confirm the amount that you are paying under the heading "Housing Deposit eCheck Fall" and click Continue".

11. In the drop-down menu next to "Method", select "Electronic Check". Then, click "Continue".

12. Enter "Account Information" and "Billing Information" under their respective headings.

Under the heading "Option to Save" you may save the account and billing information that you entered for future use. To do so, you must check the box next to "Save this payment method for future use" and enter a name to save the method as in the box provided. Then, click "Continue".

13. Review your previously entered account and billing information, agree to the terms of payment, and submit your payment. After paying your housing deposit for a future semester, that $300 amount will be posted as a negative number in your “Current Activity” which can be found by clicking “View Activity” on the TouchNet homepage. Please be mindful that if you still owe money for a current/ past semester, that $300 cannot count toward a previous bill.

Step 2: Complete Your Application

  1. Once you have made your Deposit
  2. Go to Log in using your SSU student ID and password.
  3.  Once you click sign in, you’ll see the main page of your Housing portal. Here you can read messages from us, update your personal information, complete an application, select roommates and choose your housing for next year!
  4. Complete your application. Click on “Housing Application” then choose the application that is available. NOTE: If you do not see the application, 2022-2023 Housing Application, we have not yet received your housing deposit. Please ensure you have deposited for Fall 2022 on your Navigator account.
  5.  Next, you will need to electronically sign your 2022-2023 license agreement. Please read the terms carefully, as this is a binding agreement for the entire academic year, and sign in the box at the bottom of the page with your cursor or finger. Click Continue.
  6. Complete the personal information form on the next page. Click Continue.
  7. Complete the addresses/emergency contact page. Please make sure to click “Save address/contact” after entering each contact. Click Continue. That’s it! You will receive a copy of your completed application via email. Save this email for your records.

Step Two: Choose Your Roommates!

NOTE: You will only be able to select a person as a roommate if BOTH of you have:

  • Deposited $300 by the deadline of March 27th.
  • Completed your housing application.
  • Updated all your personal and emergency contact information.

Before selecting roommates, you’ll want to update your Personal profile to ensure that you’re matching with roommates who have similar living habits!

From the Housing Portal home page, click on Personal Profile, then Update Information.

1) It will prompt you to select a term; please click Fall 2022 and then click Submit.

2) Please enter your preferred contact phone number and answer some questions about your living habits to help you select roommates. Upon completion, click Submit.

3) Once you’ve completed your application, click on “Room Selection” and then “Roommates/Suitemates”

4) Select “Fall 2022” as the term and click submit.

5) You can search for roommates using either the Simple Roommate Search or the Advanced Roommate Search. Enter their information and click “begin search.” If an eligible student is found, they will be added to your request list.

6) Once you have found your desired roommate(s), you may repeat the above steps to match with additional suitemate(s).

**IMPORTANT: Once you request a roommate they must log in and click “ACCEPT” (the green button). If they do not do this you will NOT be able to go through selection with them.

Make sure your group is complete and fully matched well in advance of housing selection!

Only one person can log in to select housing for the whole group. Groups will receive the best lottery number of their roommate group (i.e. if your time is on Wednesday at 3 pm but someone in your roommate group has Wednesday at 10 am, your group selection time will be 10 am.)

Step Three: Choose Your Room!

1) Once selection times have been released in April, you’ll be able to see your (and/or your group’s) selection time on your housing portal under “Room Selection”.

2) Once your selection time becomes active, click on “Select a Room or Suite” under “Room Selection”. Click Find Available Rooms.

3) Click Select Room/Suite to open the room/suite menu. If you are selecting a suite, you will need to place each of your suitemates in their desired bedroom, so make sure you have a conversation about who will live with who/in which room in advance of your selection time! If selecting by yourself, please make sure your name is in the dropdown menu. Don’t worry about “bed A or bed B” – that is just a way to distinguish each bed in the room and doesn’t matter. What DOES matter is who lives in which bedroom so make sure you have that info!

4) Make sure to click – “I agree – submit my room selection” to complete the process!

You’ll know you have completed the process successfully when you reach the page that says “Congratulations – your room selection process is complete!” We’ll also send you a confirmation email and you’ll be able to see the assignment under “Fall 2020” in your housing portal!

Important Reminders

Lottery numbers are randomly assigned and there are only a certain number of room types available. PLEASE make sure to have a backup plan in case your desired room type is no longer available. If there are no more 4 person suites available at the time of your selection, what will you do? Break into two groups of two and live in Marsh? Break up your group completely and roll the dice trying to find individual spaces in Viking? Make sure to have a plan B and a plan C!

You and your desired roommates must be registered for at least 12 credits in order to go through housing selection!

Make sure to fully match your roommate group well in advance!

If you or your desired roommates have deposited after March 27th, they will be given a later selection time and may not be able to be matched with your roommate group until after selection has started.

Know your selection time -The person in your group with the earliest selection time is picking for the group!

If you have an issue - Reach out to


Housing Selection Instructions


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