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Connect to network drives - Windows 10

Faculty and Staff have access to network drives they can access from any computer. You might have heard Windows users refer to these as the "U" and "T" drives. These instructions are for connecting to network drives using Windows 10.

On-Campus (connected to the Salem State network)

Click on File Explorer on the Taskbar (or type in This PC in the Search box on the bottom left, and select This PC from the search results).

 This PC

Select This PC from the menu on the left.

Click on Map network drive from the ribbon menu on top, and then click on Map network drive again.

Map network drive


For your department shared network drive, choose the drive letter (T).

For your personal network drive, choose the drive letter (U).

Choose a Drive letter T

In the Folder box, type the path of the share:

For your department shared network drive (T): \\bow\deptshare\yourdepartmentname.

For example, \\bow\deptshare\ITS.

For your personal network drive (U): \\bow\users\yourusername.

For example, \\bow\users\jdoe.

Type the path

Make sure Reconnect at Logon is selected.

Click Finish.

Follow these steps for each network drive you want to connect to.


You must connect to the VPN first, before connecting to a Salem State network drive.

See this page to download and install the VPN GlobalProtect client. Once you have signed into the VPN, follow the directions above to access your drives.

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