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Why am I here? You may have landed on this page because you are not logged into the VPN. Please log into the VPN and try again. See the directions below if you need assistance.

Connect to Salem State Virtual Private Network (VPN)

What is a VPN?

For use by Salem State faculty, staff, and student employees. A VPN is used to create a secure connection between your home (or remote) computer and the Salem State network. The VPN client we use at SSU is called the GlobalProtect Agent.

Select your operating system to see the VPN instructions for your device:

How can I tell if I need to use the VPN?

Many secure servers within the Salem State University network require a VPN connection. We do not have a published list of these servers, but it is easy to quickly determine whether the server or system you are attempting to connect to requires the VPN. When performing daily duties without the VPN enabled, if you cannot access a service, enable the VPN and try again.

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