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Consumer Information

The presentation of this information complies with the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008, which requires colleges and universities to publicly disclose specific aspects of their policies and procedures. The list below represents what the HEAO states we are required to compile and present for easy access. By following the links below you will be directed to either an official web page regarding that topic or you will be presented with a PDF of the information. Please report any inoperable links on this page to

Institutional Information

Academic Programs
Accreditations and Approvals
Academic Calendar
Career and Job Placement Services
Computer Use and Copyright Infringement
Facilities and Services for Students with Disabilities



Health and Safety

Public Safety
Campus Emergency Procedures (main website)
OVERVIEW (Contact Information, Shelter In Place, Incident Specific Resources, Actions, etc.)
Campus Security Policy (reviewed 2/2019 - no changes)
Missing Persons
Campus Annual Security & Fire Report (Cleary Report)
Health Policies
Counseling and Health Services (website)
University Policy on Alcohol and Other Drugs
Immunization Requirements
Student Conduct
Student Conduct, Due Process and Procedures (website)
Disciplinary Proceedings


Academic Integrity Policy
Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)
Federal Educational Rights & Privacy Act
Ferpa - (Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act)
Ferpa - University Website
 Leave of Absence and Refunds
Leave of Absence
Refund Policy (Day and Evening course refunds differ please read carefully)
Transfer Credit Policy


Costs and Financial Aid

Tuition and Fees
Net Price Calculator
Textbook Information
Financial Aid (University website)
Types of Financial Aid (including scholarships, grants and waivers, fellowships, loans, work-study, and aid for studying abroad)
Financial Aid Award Notification
Satisfactory Academic Progress
Notice of Federal Student Financial Aid Penalties for Drug Law Violations (Student Conduct Code, Appendix B)
Additional student loan information:
Initial Loan Counseling for Student Borrowers
Exit Loan Counseling for Student Borrowers
Alternative Financing (Private Education Loans)
Institutional Code of Conduct - Student Loan Programs
Financial Aid Professionals - Code of Conduct
Expected Debt Upon Graduation



 Constitution Day
 Voter registration