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Get started with peer tutoring

Complete the Online Learning Agreement

  • In order for you to have a valuable tutoring session with your tutor, it is important for you to understand some policies, what is expected of you, and what you can expect from your tutor. Please complete the online learning agreement prior to your first appointment.

Schedule Your Tutoring Session

Online tutoring sessions

Can’t find your class?

  • We make every effort to hire peer tutors for courses that students traditionally request tutoring in but it is not possible to have a tutor for every course.
  • If your search for a tutor in Navigate is not successful, please contact Megan Penyack.

Prepare for your session

  • Be clear on the day and time of your session.
  • Come prepared. Bring your textbook, class notes, handouts, etc.
  • Be clear with your tutor about what you would like to accomplish in that particular session. 
  • If something is not working for you during a session, ask your tutor if they can explain it in a different way. Ask clarification questions throughout the session.
  • Make plans for additional appointments if you would like to do so.
  • Make sure you have read the instructions for online tutoring and that your technology is compatible. If you’d like to test it out with someone from the peer tutoring office first, please contact 

Share your feedback

  • We want to know how your tutoring session went! After each session, complete a brief survey to share your thoughts. If you feel that your session was helpful, feel free to make your next session. Tell us about your tutoring session.

Do You Need More Help?

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