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How to: Access my 1098-T


Heading for SNC

How to: Access my 1098-T


1.     Log into Navigator.

log into navigator


2.     Once at the Student Homepage, click on “Financial Account”.

click stu financials

3.     Located in the menu bar, click on “Student Accounts”.

click on student accounts

4.     Click on the “Click Here” link to access TouchNet.

click here to access touchnet

5.     The 1098T option will be available on the home page.

1098t on home page

6.     You can also see the 1098-T tax document click on the “My Account” link.

alternative view of 1098 - click on My account

7.     Select the ‘Statements’ option.

select statement

8.     You will then have the option to select 1098-T Tax Statements and click the ‘View’ button to open the 1098T.

select 1098t

9.     You will be redirected to ECSI, a third-party company that has partnered with Salem State to provide the 1098-T. This is where 1098-T statements are stored. From here, students can view, download, or print their 1098-T statements.


redirected to ECSI

10. A new screen will pop up with the 1098-T tax document available for review. In order to save the document as a PDF, right click on the document and select the Print option. Once the print screen pops up, select the print destination drop down to Save as a PDF. Then you can save it to your personal device for your records.

print screen to save as pdf