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How do I appeal an academic dismissal?

All academically dismissed students have the right to appeal their dismissal to the Selective Retention Committee. Dismissed students are encouraged to make use of the appeals procedures if they believe their academic deficiencies are due to extenuating circumstances or computational errors in calculating their GPA or academic progress.

Letters of appeal supporting the student’s case for readmission the following semester should be sent to the Selective Retention Committee, in care of the registrar’s office, on or before the date specified in the student’s dismissal letter. The Selective Retention Committee will convene before the beginning of the following semester to consider student appeals. The committee will recommend for each appeal that:

1.     The dismissal terms be upheld; or,

2.     The student be readmitted the following semester on academic probation; or,

3.     The student be reinstated if the dismissal was due to a non-debatable computational error in calculating the GPA or academic progress.

Students will be notified of the results of appeals in time to register for the following semester.

The Selective Retention Committee will provide information pertinent to the dismissed student’s case for readmission to the academic advising office for subsequent use in advising the student.

Any student readmitted through Selective Retention under option 2 must meet with a member of the academic advising staff to make arrangements to register. Readmitted students may not be eligible for financial aid. Students should contact the Student Navigation Center to discuss their specific situation.