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How do I appeal an academic dismissal?

All academically dismissed undergraduate students have the right to appeal their dismissal to the Selective Retention Committee. Dismissed students are encouraged to use the appeals procedure if they feel their academic challenges are the result of extenuating circumstances that can be corrected with a strong plan for academic improvement or due to computational errors which brought their grade point average below the required minimum. See below for information that MUST be included with your appeal.

Letters of appeal supporting the student’s case for re-admission the following semester should be emailed to the Selective Retention Committee at on or before the date specified in the student’s dismissal letter. The Selective Retention Committee will meet before the beginning of the following semester to consider student appeals.

The committee will recommend for each appeal that:

  • The dismissal terms be upheld; or
  • The student be readmitted the following semester on academic probation; or
  • Student be reinstated if the dismissal was due to a non-debatable computational error in calculating the GPA or academic progress.

Students will be notified of the results of appeals in time to make adjustments to their schedule for the upcoming semester.

The Selective Retention Committee will provide information about each student’s case for readmission to the academic advising office for use in advising the student and may include conditions or requirements for students who are readmitted.

Conditions can include, but are not limited to, the following examples:

  • reduction of course load
  • taking a leave of absence for one semester
  • additional required advising meetings or activities
  • repeating coursework.

If you need help with the appeal process, please visit the academic advising office to meet with a professional advisor. Information about virtual drop-in hours and appointments can be found on their website.

Writing Your Appeal

All appeals should include the following information:

  • Student ID
  • Name
  • Telephone Number Where You Can Be Reached
  • Financial Aid Status - tell us if you have been using financial aid for the current academic year.

All appeals must address the following questions:

  • You must explain in detail why you were not able to meet the goals you set forth in your most recent academic improvement plan. What are the extenuating circumstances that contributed to your academic challenges?  Include documentation where relevant. It can be helpful to meet with a professional advisor to review your most recent plan when working on this part of your appeal.
  • In addition to your extenuating circumstances, are there other challenges you have had with your academics?  It can be helpful to refer the self-assessment you did when you completed your probation course when answering this question.
  • How have these circumstances changed such that you can be more successful if you are readmitted?
  • If the circumstances have not changed, what additional academic and/or social supports will you use to help you in your academic progress? What concrete actions will you take and what additional assistance do you think you will need in order to be successful?

When answering these questions, it is important to be as straightforward as possible.  The committee will want to review what has happened, and is committed to connecting readmitted students to supports and resources at the university.

Readmission after Academic Dismissal

Students who are readmitted will be placed on Academic Probation. Readmitted students must meet with a professional advisor in the academic advising office to complete an academic plan for success as soon as they are notified about their readmission to the university. Academic standing regulations will apply in all following semesters.

Readmitted students on probation are limited to 13 or fewer credits during the upcoming term and may not participate in any of the university's extracurricular activities including, but not limited to, the Student Government Association, the Program Council, academic student organizations, special interest groups, intramural athletics, and intercollegiate athletics.

Financial Aid and Readmission after Academic Dismissal

Students who have been academically dismissed are unlikely to be meeting the requirements of Satisfactory Academic Progress.  Continued eligibility for financial aid is dependent upon students meeting all state and federal guidelines for financial aid eligibility.  In the event that you are not eligible for aid for the upcoming semester, it is your responsibility if readmitted to review your student account for the spring and make any necessary adjustments to your registration based on your ability to continue. If you are readmitted and are not eligible for financial aid, you may contact the Student Navigation Center to discuss your specific situation before making decisions for the upcoming semester.

Students Living on Campus

Students who are readmitted through the selective retention process must make immediate contact with the Office of Residence Life to confirm their room assignments for the upcoming term. Housing assignments for dismissed students will be cancelled for students who are not readmitted through the appeal process.

Do You Need More Help?

Registrar's Office
Hours: Monday-Thursday: 8:30 am-5 pm Friday: 10 am-5 pm
Walk-In Service: Student Navigation Center Classroom Building Central Campus, Second Floor