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How-To: View My Bookstore Advance

Book advances are offered to students who will have an excess of financial aid after funds have been applied to their bill for the semester. If you choose to use the advance, the money is subtracted from your anticipated refund. Any advanced funds not used will be added back into your anticipated refund for the term. All advances are set to a maximum of $600 with no exceptions and are dependent upon the amount of your anticipated refund.

To determine if you have a bookstore advance:

  • Log into your Navigator account 
  • On your Student Homepage click on the Financial Aid tile to see your financial aid information to see your awards for the current aid year.
  • In the menu on the left-hand side of the screen and click Bookstore Advance Lookup. 
  • In the Book Advance Lookup screen amount available to you for the term will be listed next to Advance Available
  • To avoid any discrepancies in your bookstore advance amount, click on the arrow next to History of Advance Amount Available this Term.
    • Review the chart to find the date(s) and time(s) an advance was made available, as well as, the amount available at a specific date and time.

Important Information Regarding Book Advances

  • Book advances may vary as changes in your registration, financial aid, and/or housing status/costs occur. If you use a book advance and then changes are made to your account, those adjustments may make you ineligible for a refund and subsequent book advance. You will then be responsible for any additional charges resulting from those changes–including the cost of your books.
  • Book advances can be used for books and academic supplies only. A book advance cannot be used for food or clothing.


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