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Parking On Campus

  • Parking permits will be available for purchase in August each year. First-year resident students are not permitted to park on campus.
  • Student parking permits will be available for purchase through the student portal Navigator.
  • Faculty and staff permits will be available for purchase through the Polaris portal.

Commuter Student Parking

Commuter students may only park in areas marked with “C” signage.

Commuter student parking areas:

  • North Campus Garage - College Dr., located next to Peabody Hall. The gate requires access using a ClipperCard. Email with any issues accessing the garage.
  • O'Keefe Complex Lot - 225 Canal St. Access via Forest Ave. or Atlantic St.
  • Central Campus Lot - There are a limited number of commuter spaces in this lot. Access is via Canal St. or Loring Ave.
  • South Campus - 99 Harrison Rd. There are a limited number of commuter spaces located behind the Harrington Building.

Resident Student Parking

Look for signs with the corresponding color and letter.

  • Orange Permit "A" - Students with this permit must park in the Central Campus lot nearest to Atlantic Hall. There are four spaces reserved for short-term drop-off and pick-up. Parking in these spaces is limited to a 30-minute maximum
  • Black Permit "M" - Students with this permit can park in one of the 100 spaces in the O’Keefe Complex main lot in the area closest to Canal Street. There are an additional 20 spaces located in the Pacific Street lot, that abuts the rear of the Alumni Field.
  • Green Permit "B" - Students with this permit must park in the Harrington lot on South Campus adjacent to the Bates Complex. In the event the resident student spaces in the main Harrington lot are full, students are permitted to park in the small upper mixed-use lot marked for both Bates resident students and commuter students. 
  • Brown Permit "P" - Students with this permit must park in the North Campus Parking Garage in spaces above the second floor. The gate requires access using a ClipperCard. Email with any issues accessing the garage.

Out-of-State Student Driver Policy

The Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Law requires out-of-state students bringing vehicles into the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to file a "Nonresident Driver Statement" with the local police department in the city in which their university is located.

Pursuant to M.G.L. ch.90 s.3, every nonresident enrolled as a student who operates a motor vehicle in Massachusetts that is registered in another state during any period beginning Sept. 1 of any year and ending on Aug. 31 of the following year must file a RMV "Nonresident Driver Statement" with the local police department. Failure to file such statement is punishable by a fine not to exceed $200.

Salem State University, in turn, is required by the Commonwealth to keep a record and provide proof to the state that students have been apprised of the law.

Who does this apply to?

  • Any student that lives in on-campus housing that operates a vehicle in Massachusetts and does not have a Massachusetts license plate.
  • Any student that is temporarily or permanently residing in Massachusetts that operates a vehicle in Massachusetts and does not have a Massachusetts license plate.

Who does this NOT apply to?

  • Faculty, staff, vendors, visitors or volunteers.
  • Any student that operates a vehicle with a Massachusetts license plate.
  • Any student that commutes to campus and does not reside in Massachusetts (i.e. only comes to campus for classes but lives out of state temporarily or permanently).


Students bringing vehicles into the Commonwealth of Massachusetts whose vehicles do not have a Massachusetts license plate are required to download and complete the Non-Resident Student Vehicle Information Form [pdf]. This form will also be made available at the University Police station at the beginning of the new academic year. This form must be completed for every vehicle and returned to the Parking Office at the Salem State University Police Department.

Faculty and Staff Parking

All faculty and staff parking information can be found in Polaris.

View or download the campus map to help find your way around Salem State.

General Parking Information

Designated parking areas are for permitted parking only, with limited exceptions for special events. All vehicles parked on campus must have a valid parking permit properly displayed at all times. Only one parking decal should be displayed on a vehicle. Old parking permits must be removed before affixing the current year's permit so that police and parking enforcement officers can easily recognize a valid permit. All vehicles must be parked within a designated permit area and within a marked parking space. If a vehicle is not parked between two lines in a marked parking space, it is considered illegally parked and subject to ticketing and towing. Parking within driving lanes, against curbs or guardrails, in front of fire hydrants, on grass/dirt surfaces, etc. is prohibited at all times and under all circumstances. Salem State is not responsible for theft or damage to your vehicle. Lock your vehicle and do not leave valuables in plain view.

Transferring or Returning Your Parking Decal

To transfer a decal, email the university police department parking office with your decal number and the information about your new vehicle. If you can successfully transfer your existing decal to your new vehicle, you may do so. If you need a replacement sticker, contact the university police department parking office. The cost for a replacement sticker is $5 and is payable by check or ClipperCash.

By default, Salem State University does not offer refunds for parking decals. However, the university understands that there can be unique situations that require further review. If you feel your situation qualifies, please download, complete, and email a copy of this form to the university police department parking office for review. To be considered, requests for a refund must be submitted no later than May 1st of the school year in which you are seeking a refund.

Short-Term Parking Permits

Short-term permits can be requested by contacting the university police department parking office. If you can give 48 hours notice to the parking office, they will email you a temporary pass. For last-minute requests, please visit the university police on central campus.

Short term permits are available for:

  • Temporary Vehicles - If you need to drive a vehicle different from your regularly permitted car to campus, you must obtain a temporary pass from university police.
  • Visitor Parking - Short-term visitors to the university are allowed to park in designated areas or other areas as directed by university police officers. All visitor cars must have passes displayed. All visitor permits will require the following information:
    • Date, time and location of the visit
    • Person or department
    • Contact name and number of the driver of the vehicle
    • Vehicle plate number, make, model, and color
  • Overnight Parking - Commuters and overnight guests of resident students must obtain a temporary one-day permit to park on campus overnight. Parking hours may be amended during special events or final exam periods. Overnight passes expire at 7 am the following morning.

Any visitor vehicles in violation of parking or operating rules and regulations may be subject to citation and/or towing.

Move-In, Move-Out Periods

During move-in and move-out periods, such as the beginning of the fall semester, beginning and ending of the holiday break and the end of the spring semester, certain parking allowances will be made for the loading and unloading of personal possessions. Parking during these times is up to a maximum of 30 minutes per vehicle. Information may be obtained from the university police parking office. During these times, vehicles must not block fire lanes, fire hydrants, handicap spaces, or traffic flow.

Green Your Transportation!

Before you bring your car to campus, explore greener options for getting to Salem State. With resources like bus and train service, discounted MBTA passes, the Viking shuttle and Zipcar rentals, see how you can make your commute environmentally friendly.

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Please email the university police parking office with questions.

For additional information, visit the university police policy page for parking and traffic rules and regulations as well as our tow and hold policy.

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University Police Parking Office