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Gaming and the Internet of Things (IoT)

Salem State resident hall students can register and use gaming consoles and streaming devices to play games online on the Salem State network. Gaming consoles can be registered on our Ethernet network, connecting the device to a jack in the resident hall room. These devices need to be registered on the Salem State network.

How can I register my gaming device?

The MAC address is required to register gaming devices.

MAC Address- what is it?

Locate MAC and IP Address (Apple ID) for OS X 10.4 and above

Find the Mac address for troubleshooting in Windows

Wireless devices - only devices that can be configured using WPA/2 Enterprise (which is different from WPA/2 PSK – "PreShared Key") are supported. on the wireless.

Consumer devices such as Smart TV's, Roku/AppleTV's, XBOX/PS4's, Amazon Echo, and Google Home devices can be used on the SalemState-Open network with device registration,

Supported wireless devices

Can I use a streaming device such as ROKU in the residence halls?

The network segment of ITS is always searching for solutions to allow consumer devices to work with our systems.

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