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Logging into Navigator

To use the Navigator system, log into Navigator

User ID

To find your student/user ID, click on  "Account Help." Your user ID & password are used to log into all campus systems.

  • Click on What’s my User ID? and choose Student/Applicant (complete the form)
  • Your Student ID number appears, use S + student ID for your User ID (ex: S0312345).


  • Click on Reset my Password
  • Choose Student/Applicant (complete the form)
    • Note: If you do not have a social security number on file, you will need to enter four zeroes in that box on the password reset form.

Account Help

Logging into Navigator 

  • Click on Sign In
    Sign in

TIP: If it has been a few semesters since you last enrolled, your student ID may no longer be active in the system. If you are unable to locate your Student ID number or reset your password, please contact the Student Navigation Center at 978.542.8000.